Workshop on: “Innovation, Globalisation and Firm Dynamics”


Prof. Sergio Pietro D ESTEFANIS and Prof. Anna FERRAGINA, University of Salerno, Italy

The Centre for Labour Economics and Economic Policy (CELPE) and the Department of Economics and Statistics (DISES) at the University of Salerno, Italy  have organised their workshop on: “Innovation, Globalisation and Firm Dynamics” on the 24th of November, 2014 in Salerno, Italy. To download the full agenda of the workshop, click here

The workshop was organised around the FEMISE Edited volume recently published by Routledge and edited by Anna Ferragina, Erol Taymaz and Kamil Yilmaz. To learn more about the Book, click here

Following the presentation of the Book, experts in the field on  innovation, enterprises and SMEs presented their most recent work on Firm dynamics:


Age and productivity as determinants of firm survival over the product life cycle: an application to Spain”, Silvio ESTEVE PEREZ, University of Valencia


Erol TAYMAZ, Middle East Technical University, Ankara








“ Are Southern SMEs less productive than Northern and why?", Prof. Khalid Sekkat, University Libre de Bruxelles

“Are Southern SMEs less productive than Northern and why?” Prof. Khalid SEKKAT, University Libre de Bruxelles


“What does (or does not) determine persistent corporate high growth?”, Giulio BOTTAZZI, Sant’Anna University, Pisa


“ Estimating the Cost Function and the Mark-ups Using Plant level Data for the Turkish Manufacturing Industry”, Kamil YILMAZ, Koç University, Istanbul


“Brainstorming on possible future actions”, Sergio Pietro D ESTEFANIS, University of Salerno and Maryse LOUIS, FEMISE









To download the full agenda of the workshop , click here

To access the FEMISE research report that was contributed to this book, click Here (FEM34-12)