Vol 7: Innovation, Globalozation and Firm Dynamics-Routledge

Ferragina_firmsA new FEMISE edited volume was published by Routledge with the title: “Innovation, Globalization and Firm Dyrnamics: Lessons for Enteprise Policy“. The Book is edited by Anna Maria Ferragina, Erol Taymez and Kamil Yilmaz and is based on a FEMISE funded research to which were added other contributions from international experts.

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The book looks into the relationship between firm dynamics, innovation and globalisation and the necessary policies that could ensure a long term economic growth and welfare creation. This volume deals with these three issues in three sections titled respectively: entrepreneurship, new firm formation and growth; productivity-innovation-growth nexus; globalisation, multinational firms and producers’ dynamics.

The book presents new studies written by distinguished researchers in the field, who use state-of-the-art methodologies and extensive sources of firm- and plant-level longitudinal data to analyse and understand these major economic issues facing modern economies.

Table of Contents
1. Entrepreneurship And Post-Entry Performance: The Microeconomic Evidence
2. Gibrat’s Law, Firms’ Growth (and decline) and the Evolution of Firms’ Size Distribution
3. Firm Size Distribution and Returns to Scale. Non-Parametric Frontier Estimates from Italian Manufacturing
4. Innovation, growth and survival of Spanish manufacturing firms
5. Survival of the Fittest: Productivity versus Corruption Effects
6. Innovation and Exports of German Business Services Enterprises: First Evidence from a New Type of Firm Data
7. Young, Small and Export Oriented: the Moroccan Winners?
8. Financial fragility and the distribution of firm growth rates: A Quantile Regressions Approach
9. Determinants of Entry and Exit: Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing Industries
10. Foreign Direct Investment and Firm Survival in Transition Countries
11. Foreign Ownership, Survival and Growth Dynamics in Turkish Manufacturing
12. Foreign investment and firm selection in Italy: the role of linkages and absorptive capacity 13. Global Activities and Plant Survival – The Case of Sweden
14. Firm Survival and Employment Dynamics during Crises
15. What have We Learned? Lessons for Enterprise Policy