Conferences and Seminars

As part of its dissemination strategy and reaching out objective, FEMISE organises a number of conferences, workshops and seminars across the year. During these events the most up-todate results of the reseach on the Euromed region is presened either by members of the network or experts in the different fields. These events also provide a platform to exchange views between scholars, academics and policy makers from both sides of the Mediterranean.

FEMISE Annual Conferences are considered the platform where academics, researchers, international institutes and policy makers from the North and South of the Mediterranean gather to dialogue and exchange views on the most recent developments related to the Euromed region and their economic and social impacts on the Mediterranean partner countries.The conference is organised in a different Mediterranean city across the region every year to ensure visibility and reaching out to local researchers, policy makers and the medias. List of all annual Conferences

Workshops and Seminars: The objective of the seminars and workshops is to bring together researchers, academics and policy makers around a specific theme or topic to dialogue and exchange views together with the targeted audiences.  FEMISE introduced recently a new series of “Policy Seminars”, which are designed for policy makers and, though based on constructive and fundamental research, are presented in a much more concise and targeted way. List of all Workshops and Seminars

Other events

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