Our publications

FEMISE produces a variety of publications, in the objective of reaching out to the different audiences of academics, researchers, policy makers. There are currently 9 different types of publications:

All these publications are available for downloading from the site.

Annual Reports on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

This annual report, (called “the Euromed report”) represents the ‘voice’ of FEMISE, as it brings the common view of the North and South of the Mediterranean on themes that are of importance and interest to the region. Each report includes both descriptive and analytical details concerning the theme of the report together with country specific  details. This annual report is produced annualy since 1999 and is available in both English and French. (List of all Euromed Annual Reports)

.Thematic Reports 

The thematic reports produced since 1999 by the FEMISE network address specific questions of current relevance to the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. These thematic reports are produced in cooperation with various donors and international institutions allowing for complementing annual reports and published research. (List of all Thematic Reports)

.Research Reports

These reports disseminate the results of the research projects undertaken by FEMISE members and are mostly funded by the European Commission, either under the “research competition” or the “commissioned papers” types of research. These reports are the fruit of the collaboration between the North and the South Mediterranean researchers and address issues that are of great priority to the region. (List of all reserach reports)


This series of publication responds to the need of having a concise and non-technical source of information on important issues related to the Euromed region. These articles are based on FEMISE research outputs or on interviews conducted with experts and are drafted by specialised journalists in a journal-style way making them interesting and accessible to the general public. (List of all Articles)

Edited volumes

Edited volumes represent another way of disseminating the results of the FEMISE reserach within the same topic. The volumes are edited by FEMISE network members and are published by international publishers ensuring a wider dissemination of these publications outside the region’s boundaries. (List of all Edited volumes)

Policy Briefs “Med Brief” 

The FEMISE Policy Briefs “Med Brief” are an important dissemination tool to reach the policy makers. Based on the outputs of the research conducted, these Briefs bring about the main message and the policy recommendations in a concise and focused way that would be easily accessible and specially directed to policy makers. (List of all “Med Briefs”)

Newsletter “Inside FEMISE” 

‘Inside FEMISE’ is an e-bulletin that is distributed within and outside the network and summarizes the most recent research published by FEMISE in a concise manner. It also highlights the most recent updates related to the EU-Med region and news related to the Association including any announcements or Internal Consultation. (List of all Inside FEMISE newsetters)

.Country Profiles

Between 2004 and 2006, FEMISE has produced 10 Country Profiles for the 10 South Mediterranean partners with contributions from national experts covering five different aspects of their economies: Fiscal and Macroeconomic, Trade, Financial, Governance, Labour and social issues in the context of the EU-Med partnership, in a addition to a sixth chapter on the Multi-criteria analysis. These ten reports are available in either English (Egypt, Jordan,, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Israel) or French (Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia) and some are also available in Arabic.
In addition to the funding from the Euoprean Commission, some of these Country Profiles have benefited from co-funding from the Arab Fund for Social Development (AFSD). (List of all Country Profiles)

Special Conference Papers

During Femise conferences, in a non-regular way, FEMISE ask for contributions or presentations outside the usual FEMISE research themes according to the topic of the conference. (List of Special Conference Papers)