Environment, energy, climate change

FEM44-06 | september 2019

Environmental Regulation and Agricultural Trade Development (report FEM44-06)

Study Femise directed by Kamergi Najla; , together with LEAD, Université de Toulon, France; Faculté des Sciences Economiques & Politiques de Sousse, Tunisie
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FEM43-04 | september 2019

“Renewable Energy Development Strategies in the MENA Region” (Report FEM43-04)

Study Femise directed by Myriam BEN SAAD (LEAD, University of Toulon, France); , together with LEAD, University of Toulon, France; Université de Sousse, Tunisia
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FEM35-05 | may 2013

The Impact of a Renewable Energies Cluster in Southern Countries: Viability and Economic Impact in Morocco

Study Femise directed by Prof. Rafael de Arce and Prof. Alejandro Lorca Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y AGREEM, Spain , together with Prof. Idriss El Abbassi, Université Mohamed V, Morocco Prof. Abdelamid El Bouhadi, Université Mohamed V, Morocco Prof. Rafael de Arce, UAM – AGREEM, Spain Mr. Fabian Kleinschumacher, UAM – AGREEM, Spain Prof. Alejandro Lorca, UAM – AGREEM, Spain Prof. Ramón Mahia, UAM – AGREEM, Spain Prof. Eva Medina, UAM, Spain Prof. Lahcen Ouhlaj, Université Mohamed V, Morocco Dr. Antonio Roldán-Ponce, Technische Universitat of Dresden, Germany
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FEM34-03 | june 2012

The Economic Costs of Climate Change in MENA countries: A Micro-Spatial Quantitative Assessment and a Survey of Adaptation Policies

Study Femise directed by Nicolas Péridy, Université du Sud Toulon-Var, Léad, France , together with Nicolas Péridy and Marc Brunetto,Université du Sud Toulon-Var, France Ahmed Ghoneim, Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Egypt
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FEM34-02 | may 2012

Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean: Morocco and the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP)?

Study Femise directed by Alejandro Lorca & Rafael de Arce, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y AGREEM, Spain , together with Idriss El Abbassi (Université Mohamed V, Morocco) ; Abdelamid El Bouhadi (Université Mohamed V, Morocco) ; Rafael de Arce (UAM – AGREEM, Spain) ; Gonzalo Escribano (Universidad Nacional Educación Distancia - AGREEM, Spain) ; Ayache Khellaf (Université Mohamed V, Morocco) ; Alejandro Lorca (UAM – AGREEM, Spain) ; Ramón Mahia (UAM – AGREEM, Spain) ; Jose María Marín (Universidad Nacional Educación a Distancia, Spain) ; Eva Medina (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) ; Lahcen Ouhlaj (Université Mohamed V, Morocco) ; Said Tounsi (Université Mohamed V, Morocco)
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FEM34-23 | october 2009

Climate Change and Economic Growth: An Intertemporal General Equilibrium Analysis for Egypt

Study Femise , together with Abeer Elshennawy , American University in Cairo,Egypt; Sherman Robinson, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington,DC; Dirk Willenbockel, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
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FEM21-02 | december 2004

Modeling the water economy of the Jordan River Basin

Study Femise
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FEM21-03 | august 2004

The Impact of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership on the Agricultural Sectors of Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt

Study Femise , together with University of Jordan, Jordan
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FEM01-46 | april 2001

Environmental Accounting in the Social Accounting Matrix Framework

Study Femise
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