Country profiles briefs

Between 2004 and 2006, FEMISE has produced 10 Country Profiles for the 10 South Mediterranean partners with contributions from national experts following a general structure. These reports have been successful in brining together national experts to address five different aspects of their own economies: Fiscal and Macroeconomic, Trade, Financial, Governance, Labour and social issues in the context of the EU-Med partnership. Each aspect has been addressed in a chapter,in a addition to a sixth chapter on the Multi-criteria analysis. These ten reports are available in either English (Egypt, Jordan,, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Israel) or French (Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia) and some are also available in Arabic.

Selected Country Profiles have benefited from co-funding from the Arab Fund for Social Development (AFSD).

Algeria Country Profile, January 2006 (French) (PDF, 207 p., 2,5 Mo)

Egypt Country Profile, December 2004 (English) (PDF, 226 p., 4,1 Mo)

Israel Country Profile, September 2005 (English)
 (PDF, 253 p., 2,9 Mo)

Jordan Country Profile, August 2005 (English) (PDF, 139 p., 1,3 Mo)

Lebanon Country Profile, November 2005 (French) (PDF, 166 p., 2,8 Mo)

Morocco Country Profile, July 2004 (French) (PDF, 198 p., 2,0 Mo)

Palestine Country Profile, February 2006 (English) 
(PDF, 133 p., 2,2 Mo)

Syria Country Profile, February 2006 (English) (PDF, 201 p., 2,2 Mo)

Tunisia Country Profile, December 2005 (French) (PDF, 104 p., 2,0 Mo)

Turkey Country Profile, August 2005 (English) (PDF, 174 p., 1,8 Mo)

These texts has been drafted with financial assistance from the Commission of the European Union. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and therefore in no way reflect the offical opinion of the Commission