FEMISE 2015 Scientific Program and Internal Competition

FEMISE 2015 Scientific Program and Internal Competition

Femise will be launching its 2015 Internal Competition for the network members who participated as Affiliates of Femise in the European Commission Call on « Support to dialogues, political and economic research and studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership ». (See the list of these Affiliates here)

Interested Affiliates will be invited to submit their research proposals under the FEMISE 2015 scientific programme.

This scientific program gives the general orientations and directives proposed for the FEMISE research topics. The contents of this program are based on three main sources: (1) the priority areas as identified by the FEMISE coordinators and Scientific Committee; (2) affiliates’ suggestions following the consultation launched by the Scientific committee and; (3) suggestions from the European Commission on issues of importance on the Commission’s agenda.

The scientific programme is available: here

Kindly note that themes that are « operational », especially those linked to innovation, innovation clusters and FDI, are currently of particular interest.

More details about forms to fill, the submission process and time frame will be available by next week.