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arab spring cover frontFEMISE is pleased to annouce the publication of a new Edited Volume entitled: “The Arab Spring: Implications for Economic Integration” by Dr. Michael Gasiorek. The volume is published by VOX-CEPR publishers and is based on a number of contributions made by international and national economists.

The aim of this publication is to bring together some reflections, from a group of distinguished scholars and specialists, on the changes that are occuring in the world economy, but on the Middle East and North Africa in particular and on the role of international integration and the potential importance of international trade for the countries of the MENA region. The timing is apposite bearing in mind the dramatic changes in these societies, the ongoing changes in the world economy, and also the pressing economic and social need for higher rates of economic growth in the MENA region, especially given the demographic changes taking place and the consequent rise in young people entering the workforce.

This volume includes two types of contributions: The first part of the volume contains three country-specific analyses from leading country experts who provide their thoughts on the processes taking place and on the importance of different policy initiatives. The second part of the volume includes contributions which are more cross-country in nature and take a broader perspective on trade-related issues

Table of Contents


1 Introduction and summary
Michael Gasiorek

2 Prospects for Egypt’s integration in the world economy after the 25th of January revolution: A political economy perspective
Ahmed Farouk Ghoneim

3 Syria’s long road to self-healing
Raed Safadi

4 Morocco and the Maghreb after the Arab Spring
Mouna Cherkaoui

5 Harnessing existing trade and investment opportunities
Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Bernard Hoekman

6 Non-tariff measures: Regional cooperation and competitiveness through regulatory governance
Patricia Augier, Olivier Cadot, Julien Gourdon and Mariem Malouche

7 Assessing MENA’s trade agreements
Caroline Freund and Alberto Portugal-Perez

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