Plan Bleu: Report SoED (RED) 2020: State of the Environment and Development Report

FEMISE is pleased to announce the publication of SoED 2020 by its Partner Plan Bleu.

The SoED is a State of the Environment and Development Report that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of environment and development interactions in the Mediterranean region.

This collective effort is both evidence-based, with data and facts on major sustainable features of the regional environment, and action-oriented, identifying the actions required for the transition to a sustainable and inclusive future.


FEMISE was honored to contribute in the report with its experts Constantin Tsakas (lead FEMISE author), Vera Danilina and Jocelyn Ventura, to the chapter on socio-economic drivers and trends in the region as well as to the chapters on climate change and food and water security. It also includes contributions from several renowned FEMISE Mediterranean partner experts such as Stéphane Pouffary, Karine Moukaddem, Joël Guiot and many others.

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Key Messages

This paper gathers evidence from various chapters most closely related to marine and coastal environmental issues and highlights the combined interactions and impacts according to the analytical framework of factors-pressures-state-impacts-responses (DPSIR). The key messages develop a broader significance of the results, conveying relevant but non-prescriptive suggestions for policy makers in the context of the Mediterranean Action Plan – The Barcelona Convention System, and identify priority areas for future policy-oriented research. Key messages are consistent with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its SDGs, as well as the SMDD