Gravel Nicolas

Gravel Nicolas

Director of the Centre de Sciences Humaines (Delhi) Former director of GREQAM Professor of Economics


Phone: +9871231511



Aix-Marseille School of Economics

Country: France

Institute type: Center of Research

FEMISE Institute: not sure

Areas research expertise

  • Social Policies (Health Social Protection)
  • Poverty and Inequalities
  • Education
  • Governance and Institutions
  • Inclusiveness
  • Human Development

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Last publications

1. “Robust Normative Evaluation of Socially Risky Situations" (with B. Tarroux), Social Choice and Welfare, 2015, 44 (2), p. 257-282.

2. The segregative properties of endogenous jurisdiction formation with a land market” (with R. Oddou), Journal of Public Economics, 117, 2014, p. 15-17.

3. “The segregative properties of endogenous formations of jurisdictions with a welfarist central government” (with R. Biswas and R. Oddou), Social Choice and Welfare, 41, 2013, p. 293-319.

4. Utilitarianism or Welfarism: Does it Make a Difference?” (with P. Moyes), Social Choice in Welfare, 40, 2013, p. 529-551.

5. Uniform expected utility criteria for decision making under ignorance or objective ambiguity” (with T. Marchant et A. Sen), Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 56, 2012, p. 297-315.

6. “Ethically Robust Comparisons of Bidimensional Distributions with an Ordinal Attribute” (with P. Moyes), Journal of Economic theory, 147, 2012, p. 1384-1426.

7. “Freedom-based evaluation of living standards” (with B. Tarroux), Annales d’Economie et de Statistiques, 101/102, 2011, p. 37-69.

8. "Is India better off now than fifteen years ago? A robust multidimensional answer" (with A. Mukhopadhyay), Journal of Economic Inequality, 8, 2010, p. 173-195.