El-Haddad Amirah

El-Haddad Amirah

Prof. Dr. Amirah El-Haddad, PhD Senior Economist Transformation of Economic and Social Systems Stabilization and Development in the Middle East and North Africa German Development Institute Professor of Economics Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University


Phone: Telefon: +49(0)228 94927-253
Handy: +4915207128821

E-mail: Amirah.El-Haddad@die-gdi.de; a.elhaddad@aucegypt.edu, amirah.elhaddad@feps.edu.eg


Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)/German Development Institute

Country: Germany

Institute type: Center of Research

FEMISE Institute: yes

Areas research expertise

  • Firms
  • Poverty and Inequalities
  • Labour Market
  • Governance and Institutions
  • Industrial Policy
  • International Trade (tariff and non-tariff policy agreements value chains)

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Last publications

El-Haddad, A. (2018), Breaking Egypt’s Unsocial Contract; The Forum, The Economic Research Forum, Cairo: ERF. https://theforum.erf.org.eg/2018/01/29/breaking-egypts-unsocial-contract/

El-Haddad, A.; J. Hodge and N. Manek (2017), The Political Economy of a Sector in Crisis: Industrial Policy and Political Connections in the Egyptian Automotive Industry, ERF Working Paper Series, No. 1112, Cairo: ERF. http://erf.org.eg/publications/the-political-economy-of-a-sector-in-crisis-industrial-policy-and-political-connections-in-the-egyptian-automotive-industry/

El-Haddad, A. (2017), “Welfare Gains from Utility Reforms in Egyptian Telecommunication”, Utilities Policy, 45, April, pp. 1-26.

El-Haddad, A. (2016; August), “Government Intervention with no Structural Transformation: The
Challenges of Egyptian Industrial Policy in Comparative Perspective (in Arabic);رؤية لاتجاهات السياسة الصناعية المصرية فى ضوء بعض الدراسات المقارنة” ERF Working Paper Series, No. 1038, Cairo: ERF.

El-Haddad, A. (2016), "Female Wages in The Egyptian Textiles and Clothing Industry: Low Pay and Discrimination," Review of Economics and Political Sciences, 1 (1), January, pp. 1-35.

El-Haddad, A. (2015), “The Causal Chain of Market Based Reform in Egyptian Voice Telecommunication,” Journal of Development Effectiveness, 7(4), December, 499–518.

El-Haddad, A. (2015), Breaking the Shackles: The Structural Challenge of Growth and Transformation for Egypt's Industrial Sector, in Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, Vol. 2 & 3, European Investment Bank. pp 69-107.

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El-Haddad, A., and K. Attia, (2012), “Welfare Effects of Institutional Reform in Public Utilities: The Case of Voice Telecommunication in Egypt,” ERF Policy Research Report, No. 36, Cairo: ERF.