Women and Economic Development in the Mediterranean

This report addresses the issue of the consequences of gender inequality on economic development in the Mediterranean Partners countries. It then proposes a list of recommendations on how to improve women’s access to an economic life, that would consolidate development.
In the Mediterranean countries, gender issues are marked by social, cultural, anthropological and political considerations. Whereas the economic aspect has very specific considerations, especially with regards to the informal sector and rural areas, leading to very harsh constrictions that are difficult to alleviate.
This issue brings up two major questions:

  1.  how to reinforce a better participation of women in the labour force?
  2. how to decrease gender discrimination in the region.

Undoubtedly, a modern economy can not be developed without the contribution of half of its population.

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Table of COntents

The first central issue is to develop an explicit participation of women in the labour force .
The relation between the participation of women in the generation of wealth and the per capita income in the world
Five Characteristics of the Mediterranean countries

A second central question: how to reduce gender discrimination?
The need to adopt a more differentiated approach to combat discrimination in heterogeneous societies
Gender discriminations in the economy that are reduced at a slow pace.
1- The primordial elements of women participation in the labor force
2- Discriminations in terms of access to employment and in the position of work that is still considerable .
Gender discrimination with vital effects in the rural areas and informal sector .
1- The gender discrimination in the rural world .
2- The status of women in small and micro enterprises of the informal sector

1- Women Access to Education & Training
2- Participation of Women in the labour markets
3- Women’s social, political and legal rights