FEMISE Launches its New Website


Following its new dissemination strategy and in response to the increasing demand on its resources from network members and outside, FEMISE has made a complete recasting of its website. The new BETA version of the website is a complete rebuilding on the basis of the most recent technology platform. The new website creates an easier access to FEMISE rich database of research, publications and information.

The following are the most important highlights of the new website:

1. The use of the new website will be made in three layers.

The first layer accessible by all users gives access to all published information on the website.

The second layer accessible by Members of the FEMISE network, where they will be able, using a special login name and password, to:

i. post their institutes’ news (including conferences, call for papers, new publications, …etc)

ii. to exchange their views through a Euromed ‘Blog’ (a kind of a discussion board) on a certain topic or article of concern

The third will be made for members of the Steering Committee and RSG where they can access some administrative information.

Note that the login will be sent to all members during March 2009.

2. An internal search engine that indexes all pages html and an advanced search engine that will allow more detailed search by categories, date, keyword, ..etc. (under construction)

3. Subscribing to the newsletter by entering their email.

4. Other advanced options will be made available on a later phase, including RSS flows, the possibly of rating or commenting on a certain news or information.

The current Beta version of the website marks a substantial change from the old version, being a Beta version, some of the features are still not fully accessible or are on trial. We are counting on your help to bring this website to your expected standards and make it as user friendly as possible, therefore, we would most welcome your comments and suggestions on the current version, and we will try our best to take them into consideration.

Please send your comments to: contact@femise.org