FEMISE Call for Policy Briefs- DL 30th of September 2017

FEMISE is inviting its Affiliates and Co-applicants Members of the FEMISE network who participated as affiliates of FEMISE in the European Commission Call (click here to access the list of these Members)(1) to submit original Policy Briefs based on recent research conducted on policy issues relevant to the EU-Med region.

Deadline for Submission: 30th of September 2017

I. Introduction

Policy Briefs are essential communication tools that translate the findings and the recommendations of an academic research work into a simple and concise policy note that could be accessible by, not only the policy makers, but also the business community and the general public.

While the choice of the topic is left open, FEMISE will be looking into Briefs that address issues that are related to the “Transition and Modernisation of the South Med Countries” in the context of the EU-Med partnership.

II. Eligibility and Remuneration

  • Only Affiliates and Co-applicants members to the FEMISE-EU Contract on “Support to dialogues, political and economic research and studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership” can be funded in this call (Please click here to download the list of those Affiliates to find out if your institute is eligible).
  • The Brief could be a submitted by one or more authors;
  • An honorarium of Euros 800 will be allocated for each selected brief.

III. Theme and template of the Brief

  • The Brief should be about 4-5 pages maximum (around 2000-2500 words).
  • It can address any topic that relates to “Transition and Modernisation of the South Med Countries” in the context of the EU-Med partnership.
  • It should be done in simple and non-technical language and should include operational policy recommendations that are based on a solid research.
  • It could include one or two figures/tables for illustration and a short selection of a maximum of 5 references.

Please click here to download the “FEMISE General Guidelines for Policy Briefs”

IV. Submission and Evaluation process

  • Please submit your Policy Brief before the 30th of September, 2017 to the following email address: contact@femise.org with the subject: “Submission of a Policy Brief
  • CV(s) of the author(s) should be submitted with the Brief as well as a short bio (that will appear on the brief if selected) of no more than 250 words
  • Please also indicate the main source of your Brief (either your own work or a collection of other research work) in the cover letter.
  • The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
    • – the choice of the topic and how relevant it is the region
    • – the contribution to the existing knowledge
    • – the recommendation and policy relevance and their feasibility
    • – the style of writing
    • The selected Policy Briefs will be published under the FEMISE Policy Briefs Series “MedBrief” and in order of priority of the relevance of the topic.

Policy Briefs that are submitted after the deadline or by ineligible authors will unfortunately be excluded.