Studies and research

FEM44-01 | september 2019

Financial Inclusion and Stability in the MED Region: Evidence from Poverty and Inequality (report FEM44-01)

Study Femise directed by Simon Neaime; , together with Institute of Financial Economics, American University of Beirut (Lebanon); Aix-Marseille School of Economics (France); Kedge Business School (France)
Download (PDF, GB, 25 p., 1.2 MB)
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FEM44-06 | september 2019

Environmental Regulation and Agricultural Trade Development (report FEM44-06)

Study Femise directed by Kamergi Najla; , together with LEAD, Université de Toulon, France; Faculté des Sciences Economiques & Politiques de Sousse, Tunisie
Download (PDF, GB, 70 p., 3.0 MB)
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FEM44-11 | september 2019

Migration, Comparative Advantages and Knowledge Diffusion (report FEM44-11)

Study Femise directed by Anna M. Ferragina, CELPE-DISES (University of Salerno), ITALY; , together with CELPE-DISES (University of Salerno), ITALY; Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY
Download (PDF, GB, 43 p., 3 MB)
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FEM44-12 | september 2019

Social Entrepreneurs’ Responses to the Refugee Crisis in Jordan and Lebanon (report FEM44-12)

Study Femise directed by Dr Katarzyna Sidło, CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland); , together with CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland); Royal Scientific Society, Amman (Jordan)
Download (PDF, GB, 50 p., 4.0 MB)
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FEM44-13 | september 2019

Education Mismatch in North Africa: determinants and impact (report FEM44-13)

Study Femise directed by Moundir Lassasi, CREAD, Algeria; , together with CREAD, Algeria; UMR Développement et sociétés, IRD, Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and ERF (France, Egypt)
Download (PDF, GB, 27 p., 0.6 MB)
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FEM43-17 | september 2019

The economic contribution of immigration on Europe (report FEM43-17)

Study Femise directed by Jamal Bouoiyour; , together with (IRMAPE, ESC Pau Business School, France); (CATT, University of Pau, France), (LEDa, DIALUMR 225, University of Paris-Dauphine, France)
Download (PDF, GB, 38 p., 1.0 MB)
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FEM43-04 | september 2019

“Renewable Energy Development Strategies in the MENA Region” (Report FEM43-04)

Study Femise directed by Myriam BEN SAAD (LEAD, University of Toulon, France); , together with LEAD, University of Toulon, France; Université de Sousse, Tunisia
Download (PDF, FR, 45p., 1.8 MB)
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FEM43-05 | september 2019

The Long-Term Impact of Syrian Refugees on Turkish Economy (FEM43-05 report)

Study Femise directed by Pr. Ramon Mahia (AGREEM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain); , together with AGREEM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; CREM, Akdeniz University, Turkey
Download (PDF, GB, 48 p., 2.3 MB)
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FEM43-08 | april 2019

Feminization of occupations and its effect on gender wage gap in South Mediterranean Countries

Study Femise directed by Doaa M. Salman Professor of Economics and Finance Head of economics department – Associate Dean October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt; , together with October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt; American University in Cairo, Egypt; London School of Economics, European Institute, LSE, UK
Download (PDF, GB, 116 p., 2.0 MB)
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FEM43-14 | march 2019

Refugees and hosting countries : integration models and cooperation policy options

Study Femise directed by Marco Zupi and Alberto Mazzali (CeSPI, Rome, Italy); , together with CeSPI, Rome, Italy; Royal Scientific Society, Amman, Jordan
Download (PDF, GB, 93 p., 4,7 MB)
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