Agriculture, services and migration

FEM34-20 | april 2014

Return Migration in South Mediterranean Countries: Determinants, Impact and Policy Implications

Study Femise , together with Bachir Hamdouch, INSEA-Université Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.Mona Said, the American University in Cairo, Egypt.Asmaa Elbadway, Consultant, Cairo, Egypt.
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FEM35-09 | february 2014

Facilitation of Transportation in Turkey and Poland: a Comparative Study

Study Femise directed by Jan Michalek, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Poland Subidey Togan, Bilkent University, Centre for International Economics, Turkey; In collaboration , together with Andrzej Cieslik, University of Warsaw, Poland; Nergiz Dincer, TED University, Turkey Jan Hagemejer, University of Warsaw, Poland; Aneta Mach, University of Warsaw, Poland; Armando Rungi, University of Warsaw, Poland
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FEM35-20 | december 2013

Evaluation of the Agricultural strategy of Morocco (Green Morocco Plan) with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model

Study Femise directed by Lahcen OULHAJ, Université Mohammed V – Agdal , together with Rafael DE ARCE (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – AGREEM) Idriss EL ABBASSI (Université Mohammed V - Agdal) Abdelhamid EL BOUHADI(Université Cadi Ayyad - Marrakech) Abdelkader EL KHIDER (Université Cadi Ayyad – Marrakech) Eva MEDINA MORAL (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Abdelaziz NIHOU (Université Mohammed V - Agdal) Ayache KHELLAF (Université Mohammed V - Agdal) Alejandro LORCA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – AGREEM) Ramón MAHIA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid – AGREEM) José M. MELLA-MARQUEZ(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Said TOUNSI (Université Mohammed V - Agdal)
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FEM34-04 | november 2013

Eco-development in the light of the euro mediterranean partnership: application to the coastal territories of Algeria and Morocco

Study Femise directed by Dr Nadji Khaoua, F.S.E.G., University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria. , together with Mohamed Yazid Boumghar, C.R.E.A.D., Alger and Mohamed Saïd Karrouk, F.L.S.H. , Casablanca.
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FEM35-04 | june 2013

Tourism industry as an engine for export-led growth and social development: Analysing its main characteristics and future prospects for Mediterranean countries

Study Femise , together with Dr. ÇAGATAY, Selim, CERM, Akdeniz University, TurkeyCUTÁKÓVA, Iveta, Technical University of Cartagena, SpainDr. GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ, Antonio, Technical Univ. of Cartagena, SpainDr. GHONEIM, Ahmed Farouk Cairo University, EgyptDr. KOC, A. Ali, CERM, Akdeniz University, TurkeyDr. REQUENA-SILVENTE, Francisco, IEI-University of Valencia, SpainDr. TASDOGAN, Celal, Gazi University, Turkey
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FEM33-22 | april 2013

Impact of Remittances on poverty and inequality: Lessons from two new surveys conducted in Morocco and Algeria

Study Femise directed by E.M. Mouhoud Professor at the University of Paris Dauphine , together with CREAD Algérie (Nacer Eddine Hammouda) Institut Universitaire de la Recherche Scientifique Université Mohammed V Souissi (BAHANI Abdelkabir et HANCHANE Hicham) Centre d’Economie de Paris Nord Université de Paris 13 (Luis Miotti, Joel Oudinet El Mouhoub MOUHOUD) LEDa-DIAL Université Paris Dauphine (Amal Miftah, E.M. Mouhoud) CATT Université de Pau (Jamal Bouoiyour)
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FEM34-30 | march 2013

Analyzing the Immigration-Induced Changes in Product Diversity and Trade Patterns: The Case of the EU-Mediterranean-Eastern Europe Zone

Study Femise directed by Selim Çağatay and Murat Genç, Centre for Economics Research on Mediterranean Countries, Economics Department, Akdeniz University, Turkey , together with Bernd Lucke, Institute for Growth and Fluctuations,University of Hamburg, Germany; Suleyman Degirmen, Economics Department, Mersin University, Turkey
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FEM34-01 | september 2012

The Trade Creation Effect Of Immigrants: Characterising Socioeconomic Opportunities Arising From Linkages Between People’s And Goods’ Flows Inside The Mena Region

Study Femise directed by Andrés Artal-Tur & Vicente Pallardó-López, Institute of International Economics (IEI-UV), University of Valencia, Spain , together with ARTAL-TUR Andrés IEI-University of Valencia & Technical University of Cartagena, SpainBACARIA Jordi, IUEE-Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, SpainBOUGHZALA Mongi, Université du Tunis El Manar, TunisiaESTEVE-PÉREZ Silviano, IEI-University of Valencia, SpainGHONEIM Ahmed Farouk, Cairo University, EgyptPALLARDÓ-LOPEZ Vicente, IEI-University of Valencia, SpainPÉRIDY Nicolas, Université du Sud Toulon-Var, FranceREQUENA-SILVENTE Francisco, IEI-University of Valencia, Spain
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FEM34-07 | april 2012

What Can Be Learnt from the New Economics of Emigration of Medical Doctors to the European Union: The Cases of East and Central European, Middle Eastern and North African Economies?

Study Femise directed by Ahmed Driouchi, , Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University Ifrane Morocco , together with Amale Achehboune, IEAPS Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco; Cristina Boboc, University of Bucarest, Romania; Emilia Titan, University of Bucarest, Romania; Rodrigues Andrès Antonio, Aarhus University, Denmark; Ahlam Fakhar, School of Business Administration Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco and contribution of Nada Zouag & Molk Kadiri, Youssef Chetoui & Hajar Bousfiha Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco ; Ahmad Baijou School of Business Administration Al Akhawayn & Jawad Kerdoudi, IMRI, Casablanca.
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FEM33-16 | february 2012

Determinants and Consequences of Migration and Remittances: The Case of Palestine and Tunisia

Study Femise directed by Mahmoud Eljafari, Al-Quds University of Jerusalem, Palestine , together with Mongi BOUGHZALA & Mohamed KOUNI, Université de Tunis El Manar, Tunisie
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