Agriculture, services and migration

FEM33-04 | july 2011

Convergence of banking sector regulations and its impact on Bank performances and Growth: the case for Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia

Study Femise directed by Rym Ayadi, CEPS, Belgique , together with Jawad Kerdoudi, IMRI Maroc et Yazid Boumghar, CREAD, Algérie
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FEM32-02 | june 2009

Liberalization of services in Poland and Turkey: A comparative analysis

Study Femise directed by Subidey Togan, Bilkent University, Centre for International Economics, Ankara, Turkey; Jan Michalek, Warsaw University, Poland. , together with Andżelika Kuźnar, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; Can Şımga Mugan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, Katarzyna Kowalska, Warsaw University, Poland; Jan Hagemejer, University of Warsaw, Poland; Tomasz Michalek, University of Warsaw, Poland;  Aleksandra Zieminska, University of Warsaw, Poland; Katarzyna Smiala, University of Warsaw, Poland; Sare Arıcanlı, Turkey
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FEM32-06 | july 2008

A dynamic long and short term approach to migration between MPC’s and the EU: Demographical framework and the role of economic and social reforms

Study Femise directed by Alejandro Lorca, Professor, AGREEM – UAM, Spain and Rafael de Arce, Professor, AGREEM – UAM Spain , together with Ramón Mahía, Professor, AGREEM – UAM; Gonzalo Escribano, Professor, UNED, AGREEM; Sidi Mohamed Rigar, Professor, Cadi Ayyad University; Eva Medina Moral, Professor, UAM; Gema Garcialoro, Professor, UNED
Download (PDF, GB, 149 p., 1,5 Mo)
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FEM31-03 | december 2007

Decision Tree of the Roadmap For Agricultural Liberalization in The Euro-Mediterranean Zone

Study Femise , together with Galatasaray University, Department of Economics, Turkey ; Instituto de Predicción Económica Lawrence R. Klein. Spain ; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) Spain ; Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Spain
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FEM22-02 | december 2005

Impact of Liberalization of Trade in Services: Banking, Telecommunications and Maritime Transport in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey

Study Femise , together with Faculty of Economics & Political Science, Cairo University
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FEM22-12 | december 2005

An Economic Analysis of Food Safety Standards and Its Implication on Agricultural Trade in the Context of EU-MED Partnership: The Case of SPS Standards and EUREPGAP Requirements

Study Femise , together with University of Jordan; UAM, Spain
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FEM22-11 | august 2005

A Box Evaluation Tool for Alternatives Mediterranean Agricultural Policy

Study Femise , together with Instituto de Predicción Económica Lawrence R. Klein, Spain; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain; Universidad de Almería, Spain; University of Jordan, Jordan; Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain; Fundación Codespa, Spain; Universidad de Cantabria, Spain; Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Download (PDF, 104 p, 1,1 Mo)
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FEM22-35 | june 2005

Produits de terroirs Méditerranéens : conditions d’émergence, d’efficacité et modes de gouvernance (PTM : CEE et MG)

Study Femise , together with Agro de Montpellier, UMR Moisa; Inra/SAD/UMR Innovation; Cirad/Tera/UMR Innovaton, Montpellier; Inra, Alger; Université Hassan II, Rabat; INAT, Tunis ; IAM-M
Download (PDF, 298 p, 1,64 Mo)
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FEM21-05 | february 2005

Les obstacles aux transferts technologiques dans les petites et moyennes exploitations agricoles des zones arides et semi arides du Maghreb // Obstacles to technology adoption for Small and Medium farms in the Arid and semi arid areas of Maghreb

Study Femise , together with Algeria: INRAA, HCDS, ITGC France : CNRS/CIRAD, INRA Morocco : ANOC, INRA Rabat, INRA Settat Tunisia : ESI Mograne, INRAT Syria : Icarda
Download (PDF FR, 241p., 2 Mo)
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FEM21-06 | june 2004

Les effets de la libéralisation agricole sur les économies des pays tiers méditerranéens

Study Femise , together with Institut Kowaitien de Recherche Scientifique, Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey University Of Tunis El-Manar, Tunisia Ministère de l’Agriculture, Tunisia Cread, Algeria
Download (Rapport exécutif, PDF, 34 p., 300 Ko)
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