LIVE STREAM – #NOWANDLIVE Energy Resources Transition in the South Med: From Conventional to Renewable

Date: 31 | 05 | 2022

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FEMISE and ANIMA continue their webinar series with the fourth episode of THE NEXT SOCIETY #NOWANDLIVE

As the driving force of economic and industrial growth, the energy sector plays a key role to foster prosperity and social development. However, the increased reliance on carbon-spilling energy sources such as fossil fuels, which still constitute the principal source of energy production in most regions of the world, including the MENA region, strongly contributes to global warming and pollution. According to BP Statistical Review of World Energy, an estimated 84% of the world’s energy consumption needs derive from fossil fuels. The persistent increase in energy demand due to economic progress, urbanization and population growth in the South med region will meaningfully impact the primary energy consumption, which is already suffering from shortage. As stated by the World Bank, approximately 28 million people in the MENA region still lack access to electricity, mainly in rural areas. Furthermore, it is likely to experience a doubling of their energy needs by 2040.

There is no doubt that the South med region was no exception to the negative repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the conventional energy market such as the reduction in investments in this sector, the decline in fuel prices fossils and transformations in geopolitical dynamics. This implies that the existing energy infrastructures are no longer suitable and that a transition towards more renewable energy resources will need to take place sooner rather than later. As a response, a number of national initiatives and new investments have been taking place across the region to meet this increasing demand for energy while mitigating the impact on climate. At the same time, this has created a window of opportunity for young entrepreneurs to enter the energy market with innovative solutions for their start-ups.

With this fourth episode on Energy, ANIMA and FEMISE continue their webinar series “THE NEXT SOCIETY: NOW AND LIVE!” to explore from three different angles – at the policy level, with intermediary organisations and on the start-up scene– the situation of this sector in the region.

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THE NEXT SOCIETY #NOWANDLIVE are organised by FEMISE and ANIMA in the framework of ANIMA international webinar series with the financial support of the European Union.

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