THE NEXT SOCIETY #NOWANDLIVE Moving towards a healthier planet: Green Tech in the South Med


Moving towards a healthier planet: Green Tech in the South Med


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Aiming to slow climate change and adjust to the damage of human impact on the environment, the rapidly growing field of green technology is expected to bring the promise of a healthier planet and changes in daily life. As a keystone of Green Economy, it is a critical component to foster cost-efficient, low-carbon and socially-inclusive economic growth that enables countries to meet the present ecological challenges without damaging or exhausting natural resources and jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In the presence of significant ecological threats such as water scarcity, air pollution and inadequate waste management, sustainable economic development becomes one of the main challenges confronted by South Med countries. As indicated by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), the national environmental performance of the region imposes improvement.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken preeminence over the environmental and sustainable targets adding challenges of immediate priority. At the same time, South Med small and medium size enterprises (which account for a minimum of 95% in total enterprises) also face a multitude of restraining challenges such as lack of knowledge and culture about environmental challenges in the societies and insufficient adequate finance, technical, informational, educational, and legal support. However, despite these barriers to reach both socio-economic development and environmental resilience, South Med countries have recently started to dynamically advance special programs stimulating Green tech initiatives in energy, water and resource-efficient solutions as well as consistent technical support. This creates potential opportunities for youth who can embrace innovation and change to apply their entrepreneurial potential locally using knowledge and creative capacity without having to depend on big investments.

This session addressed the situation of this sector in the region and the conditions for a successful transition towards a healthier planet.

This live stream gathered around the table:

  • Policy makers and national authorities launching specific provisions for Green Tech players
  • Tech hubs launching dedicated acceleration programs for entrepreneurs and who catalyze a pool of opportunities for investors
  • Startups from THE NEXT SOCIETY community renewing the Green Tech sector and bringing new solutions
  • Clusters, first witnesses of the sector’s value chain transformation and voice for the sector’s needs

THE NEXT SOCIETY #NOWANDLIVE are organised by FEMISE and ANIMA in the framework of ANIMA international webinar series.

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This online event will be available in French and English.

This online event is available in French and English.