Open Access Micro Data Initiative (OAMDI) by ERF

ERF_logoFEMISE is pleased to present the initiative undertaken by the Economic Research Forum (ERF) that collects and makes available micro data on the labour markets of selected MENA region countries for its research community.

The Open Access Merf-oamdiicro Data Initiative (OAMDI) is a dynamic and unique project led by ERF, providing researchers with free access to several types of micro data. The premise here is that data are a public good, it is in the interest of the region and consistent with the mandate of ERF to exert as much effort as possible to make micro data available to researchers. Much investment has already been put into it, and the returns are expected to be very large.

To learn more about OAMDI, what types of data it includes and how to access, please click on the linkthat will take you to ERF Website.

Most recent releases:

  • The “Integrated Labor Market Panel Survey, ILMPS”. The ILMPS includes the created, compatible and harmonized variables (to the extent possible) across all LMPSs rounds: the (Egyptian Labour Market Panel Surveys) ELMPS 1988, 1998, 2006, and 2012, the (Jorfanian Labour Market Panel Survey) JLMPS 2010, and the (Tunisian Labour Market Panel Survey) TLMPS 2014.
  • Updated versions of the ELMPS 2006 (V4.2), ELMPS 2012 (V2.2) and JLMPS 2010 (V2.0) are also available on the ERF data portal.

Recently, other data sets were published on OAMDI, namely:

  • Tunisia Labor Market Panel Survey, TLMPS 2014
  • Sudan Harmonized Household Health Surveys (SHHS) 2006 and 2010
  • Harmonized Labor Force Survey (HLFS) for Jordan 2007
  • Harmonized Labor Force Survey (HLFS) for Jordan 2012
  • Harmonized Labor Force Survey (HLFS) for Tunisia 2013
  • Survey of Young People in Egypt (SYPE) for the years 2009 and 2014 (Panel)

To know more about the new data or access any of the data sets, please visit the ERF’s Open Access Micro Data Initiative (OAMDI) page.