In line with the objective to share relevant experiences and promote best practices in the EU-Med innovative sectors, FEMISE conducted a series of interviews with key players from the region, including policy makers, private sector, civil society, academia and entrepreneurs, in the context of the NEXT SOCIETY project with the support of ANIMA and the financial support of the European Union. The main objective of this series of interviews is to bring forward the experience of key players in the region on how to promote innovation within key sectors and to highlight issues related to the challenges these sectors are facing, the types of policy support that are needed and some of the national initiatives that have been taking place.

This series will tackle the health tech, energy, green tech, education and e-commerce sectors and will bring you experts from across the region including: Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon.

This interview in “THE NEXT SOCIETY: NOW AND LIVE!” series is with Dr. Rosabelle Chedid, Co-founder of C Green in Lebanon, to showcase the role of entrepreneurship in promoting Green Tech transformation.


Aiming to slow climate change and adjust to the damage of human impact on the environment, the rapidly growing field of green technology is expected to bring the promise of a healthier planet and changes in daily life. As a keystone of Green Economy, it is a critical component to foster cost-efficient, low-carbon and socially-inclusive economic growth that enables countries to meet the present ecological challenges such as water scarcity, air pollution and inadequate waste management, without exhausting natural resources and jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In Lebanon, despite barriers to reach both socio-economic development and environmental resilience, a number of programs stimulating Green tech initiatives in energy, water and resource-efficient solutions as well as consistent technical support have been taking place. This creates potential opportunities for youth who can embrace innovation and change to apply their entrepreneurial potential locally using knowledge and creative capacity without having to depend on big investments.

In this interview, Dr. Rosabelle Chedid is answering our questions on how her start-up “C Green” is renewing the Green Tech sector in Lebanon while bringing new solutions:

  • What motivated you to establish your start-up “C Green” and what are the objectives and the innovative solutions you are implementing as a best practice?
  • What are the biggest challenges that you faced to starting and growing your business?
  • How The Next Society was helpful and what recommendations you have for young entrepreneurs that are seeking to establish their start-ups in the field of Green Tech to embrace innovation and change by providing creative solutions in response to the needs in their communities?

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About Dr. Rosabelle Chedid

Holder of a doctorate and researcher in Life and Earth Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon, Dr. Rosabelle Chedid is a Co-Founder of C Green in Lebanon. She has experience as a medical laboratory technologist (2006-2014), a Learning and Development Specialist (since 2009), a Trainer of Trainers (since 2009), a Training Regional Coordinator (2015-2018), and as an Organizational Development Researcher (since 2018). Moreover, she is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Research Operations Coordinator

THE NEXT SOCIETY #NOWANDLIVE are organised by FEMISE and ANIMAwith the financial support of the European Union.

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