FEMISE Annual Conference 2017 (Registrations now closed)

Theme : Migration and Refugees’ Crisis in the EU-Med: Dawn of an Era of Shared Responsibility?

Place : Casablanca, Morocco

Date : From 29 to 30 april 2017

FEMISE is happy to announce that its annual conference will take place this year in Casablanca, Morocco, on the 29th and 30th of April 2017 (Hotel Sheraton Casablanca).

The FEMISE annual conference provides a platform for the different actors of the EU-Med region of research institutes’ members, academics, policymakers and representatives of the international community including the EU, to engage in a constructive dialogue about the future of the region and the role the EU can play in the context of the new ENP.

This year’s theme will on:  “Migration and Refugees’ Crisis in the EU-Med: Dawn of an Era of Shared Responsibility?” (Agenda Available here)

The EU-Med region is currently facing multi-diverse crisis. The refugees are facing a humanitarian crisis. The southern neighbouring countries are struggling to cope with the inflows of refugees. The EU countries are facing political and socio-economic divisions on how (or whether) to integrate refugees into their societies. Despite efforts that have taken place, there is still a lot to be done.

Within this challenging environment, there is a shared responsibility within the EU-Med region to take prompt and concrete actions and to unify the different stakeholders through combined policies to find ways to resolve this crisis and ease the pressure on the region. Moreover, post-conflict growth in Syria will be a complex and demanding process, which will require a clear commitment from the whole international community, the Southern Med neighbours and the European Commission.

The FEMISE annual conference of 2017 comes in a very tensed EU-MED region, with the aim to provide a platform for discussion and debate among the different stakeholders about this issue and address the following:

  • What are the costs of the refugees crisis on the Southern Med Countries?
  • How to engage and unify the EU-Med around the same vision with regards to the crisis and the ultimate integration and prosperity objectives; and
  • Last but not least, what actions are still needed?

Through a constructive dialogue between renowned academics, migration experts and policy makers, the FEMISE conference aspires to contribute in finding efficient tools and policies to deal with these pressing issues.

This conference is organised with financial support from the European Union through the FEMISE project on “Support to Economic Research, studies and dialogues of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership”.

The concept note and agenda of the conference is available here.

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The agenda will be provided in the near future.