Beyond Reform and Development & FEMISE conclude a strategic partnership for Inclusive Development in the Mediterranean

Natalia Menhall, Beyond Reform and Development & Constantin Tsakas, FEMISE

Press release – March 18, 2019

Beyond Reform and Development and FEMISE conclude a strategic partnership for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in the Mediterranean

Beyond Reform and Development and FEMISE announce their collaboration in the framework of a strategic partnership. Both institutions are committed actors that provide policy research, capacity development and advocate reform for inclusive and sustainable development models in the Mediterranean.

The works of the FEMISE think-tank show that new models are needed in the Mediterranean to bring about sustainable development, innovation, social change and inclusive societies. Meanwhile, Beyond Reform and Development aspires to attain participatory governance systems, innovative policies and inclusive civil society across the Middle East and North Africa through creating learning opportunities for people, institutions, and communities. Both actors are renowned for their ability to bridge global knowledge with the Mediterranean and Arab context.

Grounded in decades of experience, this partnership aims to create a multidisciplinary and dynamic virtuous circle in the Mediterranean that is displaying an innovative and distinctive stance, allowing for impactful proposals to emerge.It will focus on themes ranging from sustainable finance and social entrepreneurship to private sector development and innovation.

Amongst other things, the two partners will deploy their cooperation efforts in the euro-mediterranean region to :

  1. Develop actions and projects for Social Impact at the research, policy, dialogue, and capacity building levels.
  2. Foster and advance the development of Social Entrepreneurship frameworks and ecosystems in the region.
  3. organize joint events and publications and carry out awareness-raising campaigns for Social Impact.

For Beyond Reform and Development and FEMISE, great ideas have meaning only when they are matched with great execution!

Stay tuned for our forthcoming actions for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in the Mediterranean!


For more information, please contact :

Beyond Reform and Development : Ms Natalia Menhall, Chairwoman,,

Dr. Constantin Tsakas, General Manager of Institut de la Méditerranée, General Secretary of FEMISE ++ 33 (0)4 91 31 51 95