FEMISE and the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) Seal a Partnership Agreement

Cooperation for Knowledge Creation and Policy Impact: The Center for Mediterranean Integration and FEMISE Seal a Partnership Agreement.

Marseille, France, 10 November 2020 –

The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), and FEMISE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) marking the launch of a new collaboration agreement between the two organizations. CMI and FEMISE will conduct joint initiatives to reinforce Mediterranean dialogue and build synergies among Mediterranean stakeholders, with the objective to make a transformational impact on the region.

This partnership builds on the complementarity of the two Mediterranean institutions: the FEMISE research knowledge and science-for-policy platforms, together with CMI’s technical expertise and operational influence, under a regional integration approach. The collaboration will focus on priority areas including Socio-Economic Transformations (Co-Development, Integration and Human Capital Mobility), Resilience (Mitigation and Adaptation to external shocks, mainly climate change and forced displacement), with Youth and Gender as cross-cutting issues. The joint activities will take various forms, such as designing joint projects, organizing joint events and trainings; producing joint studies; and mutualizing networks and outreach.

  • Cooperating and capitalizing on complementarities is key, an alliance with FEMISE is a positive step that can lead to better policy for regional integration and to the much needed development transformation of the Mediterranean region in a post COVID-19 world” stresses Blanca Moreno-Dodson, Director of CMI.
  • We are delighted for this close cooperation with the CMI which will make an important contribution towards the development of the region, particularly in this challenging times ” says Dr. Ibrahim Elbadawi, FEMISE President and ERF Managing Director.
  • The collaboration between FEMISE-CMI will create an important Mediterranean block. The size of the FEMISE network and its knowledge creation capacity, together with the CMI’s expertise in building partnerships and taking actions, will generate a joint vision that will have a better impact in the region” says Maryse Louis, General Manager, FEMISE.
  • This collaboration will enable CMI and FEMISE to better support the Mediterranean countries’ efforts to move towards sustainable, inclusive and resilient economies” concludes Constantin Tsakas, Senior Policy Analyst & Fundraising Consultant, CMI who will contribute to drawing the joint CMI-FEMISE research and projects.

A first product of the CMI-FEMISE collaboration is the joint series of Policy Briefs “COVID-19 MED BRIEFS” which addresses the issue of the COVID-19 socio-economic crisis and its implications on the region, and identifies concrete policy actions pointing to solutions and ways forward.

To access the list of published Briefs so far, click here.