mazzotta fernanda

mazzotta fernanda

Researcher, Assistant Professor


Phone: +393204640442



CELPE - Department of economics and statistics - University of Salerno

Country: Italy

Institute type: Center of Research

FEMISE Institute: yes

Areas research expertise

  • Firms
  • Labour Market
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Innovation
  • Households

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Last publications

Ferragina, A.M. Mazzotta, F. (2013), “FDI spillovers on firms' survival in Italy: absorptive capacity matters!”, Journal of Technology Transfer, DOI: 10.1007/s10961-013-9321-z
Coppola, G. Garofalo, M.R., Mazzotta, F. (2013) Fattori di sviluppo nel Mezzogiorno: un’analisi del comparto manifatturiero della provincia di Salerno, Rivista Economica del Mezzogiorno, 4/2013, Il Mulino

Farace, S. Mazzotta, F, (2015) The effect of human capital and networks on knowledge and innovation in SMEs, Journal of Innovation Economics & Management, 2015/1 n°16, De Boeck Supérieur Editor; pages 39 à 71; ISSN 2032-5355
Ferragina, Anna M.; Mazzotta, Fernanda (2015). Agglomeration economies in Italy: impact on heterogeneous firms’ exit in a multilevel framework. ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE. Pag.130-155: ISSN:0391-2078.

Ferragina, Anna M.;, Mazzotta, Fernanda; Sekkat, Khalid (2016). Financial constraints and productivity growth across the size spectrum: microeconomic evidence from Morocco EURASIAN BUSINESS REVIEW; Pag.1-21 ISSN:1309-4297.

Gianluigi Coppola, MAZZOTTA F. (2012). Sistemi Locali del Lavoro e Distretti Industriali in Italia: Aspetti Teorici ed Empirici. FISCIANO: CUSL, vol. 1, p. 1-86, ISBN: 9788890135538
Carmen AINA, Fernanda MAZZOTTA, Lavinia PARISI, (2014) Bargaining or Efficiency within the Household? The Case of Italy, Discussion Paper del Celpe, n. 130, Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche. Università di Salerno, pp. 1 – 27,, ISSN 1970-4259 - ISBN 978-88-95406-29-9

Mazzotta, F., Parisi, L., (2017) What are the Role of Economic Factors in Determining Leaving and Returning to the Parental Home in Europe During the Crisis? Technical Details, Discussion Paper del Celpe, n. 151, Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche. Università di Salerno, pp.1-44, ISBN:978-88-95406-45-9