Vol 9: The Socio-Economic Impact of Migration Flows- Springer

Migration_ArtalAnother group of research reports funded by FEMISE, through the European Commission grant, have been the subject of a new edited volume. Published Under the title of : “The Socio-Economic Impact of Migration Flows- Springer”, the volume that is edited by Andres Artal-Tur, Giovanni Peri and Francisco Requena-Silvente is considered a new contribution to the knowledge about issues related to migration.

The volume is a value added because:

  • The migration topics are covered from both a theoretical and empirical view
  • It includes recent developments in the field and utilises the latest research methodologies
  • Notable policy focus and guidelines in all chapters
  • Though globalisation of the world economy is currently a powerful force, people’s international mobility appears to still be very limited. The goal of this book is to improve our knowledge of the true effects of migration flows. It includes contributions by prominent academic researchers analysing the socio-economic impact of migration in a variety of contexts: interconnection of people and trade flows, causes and consequences of capital remittances, understanding the macroeconomic impact of migration, and the labour market effects of people’s flows. The latest analytical methodologies are employed in all chapters, while interesting policy guidelines emerge from the investigations. The style of the volume makes it accessible for both non-experts and advanced readers interested in this hot topic of today’s world.

Downland the table of contents, preface and acknowledgement (in pdf)

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