The Need of Mobilizing Human Capital Towards Innovation in the Mediterranean

innovation_couvfrMobilizing the currently available human capital of Mediterranean countries towards innovation must become an integral part of a new vision for Mediterranean societies and especially for the youth. Innovation is a concept at the heart of the knowledge society. In a globalized world, it has become the engine of progress and inclusion. That’s the purpose of the lastest study published by FEMISE and realized with the support of the EIB : “The Need of Mobilizing Human Capital Towards Innovation in the Mediterranean” (PDF, French only, 7,3 Mo)

Orienting societies towards creativity and innovation is a long-term process. Regardless of the current emergencies, this objective must remain present in current strategies. Making innovation a strategic objective in this period of doubt means using a political dialogue based on freedom, initiative, participation, that should reduce the current tensions by providing a horizon. According to the authors of this report, this is what the youth, that led the Arab revolutions, is waiting for.

The study explores the conditions for the success of policies that promote innovation in the South Mediterranean, in a context of globalized competition and democratic transition.

Beyond the simple fact of the low success rate of policies implemented prior to the “Arab Spring “, it suggests a paradigm shift by making the development of creativity and innovation a core function of society to the benefit of a new social contract that puts emphasis on the youth.

In order to achieve this, the 284 pages study undertakes an organic analysis of innovation and, throughout six chapters, provides a set of recommendations relevant to education and training systems, the nature and priorities of research, business organization and decentralized financing of innovation.

The study is available in French only for the time being; it can be downloaded by clicking on the following link (PDF , French, 284 pages , 7.3 Mb).

The Need of Mobilizing Human Capital Towards Innovation in the Mediterranean

(Currently in French only)
Chapitre 1. Innovation must be placed at the heart of a new model of growth in Mediterranean countries
Chapitre 2. What explains the ranking of Mediterranean countries in terms of innovation?
Chapitre 3. An imperative above everything else: re-discovering a creative society
Chapitre 4. Improving human capital through education and training
Chapitre 5. The essential role of firms in the production and training of innovators
Chapitre 6. Conclusions and Recommendations
Annexe 1. Country Sheets: Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel