Workshop on “Climate Change in the Mediterranean and Economic Attractiveness of local Territories”

Theme : Climate Change in the Mediterranean and Economic Attractiveness of local Territories

Place : Marseille, France

Date : On 15 may 2018

UPDATE: View the summary of the event below:

The Mediterranean is one of our planets’ “hotspots” and the consequences of climate change will always be felt stronger than elsewhere. There are necessities for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and issues to be dealt with regarding water, desertification and adaptation needs of riparian countries. In addition to the necessary impetus at the state level, the measures that will respond to realities must also be declined at the level of territories to multiply means of action.

The workshop, organized by Institut de la Méditerranée and the Departmental Council of the Bouches du Rhône, in partnership with FEMISE and ENERGIES2050, addresses the actors for whom these issues have a resonance, the political actors of the territory as well as non-state actors (private operators, civil society organizations, universities …). While considering the recent and current economic situation, this workshop highlights the development opportunities to be seized. It illustrates the momentum created by local actors and makes a positive contribution to debates on climate issues in the Mediterranean in the light of current realities and challenges.

This workshop will also be an opportunity to present the ENERGIES2050 – Mediterranean Institute – FEMISE report on:

 “The challenges of climate change in the Mediterranean (2018)” (available here in french)


– The Concept Note of the Workshop is available here (in french).

– The program of the day is available here.

IM and FEMISE are participating with funding under the EU-FEMISE project “Support to Economic Research, Studies and Dialogues of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership”. The opinions expressed in this conference are the sole responsibility of the authors.