FEMISE at Advocacy panel in Tunisia – THE NEXT SOCIETY

Theme : Advocacy panel in Tunisia - THE NEXT SOCIETY

Place : Tunis, Tunisia

Date : On 23 february 2018

The first meeting of the advocacy panel for a political agenda on innovation in Tunisia will be held on 23 February 2018 in Tunis.

This high level meeting is organised by CONECT (Confederation of citizen enterprises in Tunisia) and l’APII(Promotion agency for industry and innovation) with the support of ANIMA Investment Network in the framework of THE NEXT SOCIETY, and gathering national and international innovation actors including FEMISE.

Acting as a Task Force, the objective of this advocacy panel THE NEXT SOCIETY is to supervise the elaboration of an innovation roadmap, its implementation, and its evaluation. The objectives are as follows:

– To reinforce the national innovation system 

– To promote coordination among the actors involved 

– To enhance innovation policy tools by offering concrete services

The first meeting of this advocacy panel will consist in an analysis from innovation experts, an overview of companies needs, and a review of international best practices in terms of innovation and competitiveness.

Based on these outputs, priority politicy measures for innovation suppport will be defined by panel members, and implemented through technical assistance missions led by international experts.

In order to meet its objectives, and to guarantee a sustainable and inclusive approach, the advocacy panel will be comprised of officials from the Tunisian and European private sector, investors, innovation actors, ministries involved and their agencies, the European Union delegation, as well as academics. There will also be a focus on the private sector in order to place it at the core of the national innovation agenda.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please get in touch with:
Douja Gharbi, CONECT

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