In memory of Pr. Ahmed Driouchi

It is with deepest regret that FEMISE has to announce to its members and colleagues the departure of one its active and founding members: Prof. Ahmed Driouchi, passed away on the 2nd of May 2018.

Prof. Driouchi was the Professor of Economics, Advisor to the President & Dean of The Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) at Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco

Since 1995 he joined Al-Akhawan University and became the founder and Dean of the School of Business Administration. Then in 2005 he became the Dean of the Institute Of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) at the University.

Prof. Driouchi held a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, USA since 1988, as well as a “Doctorate –ès- Sciences” in Economics from the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine in Morocco in 1987.

He is the author of hundreds of publications, including articles in refereed journals, chapters in books and books. He was a leading MENA economist on the issues of innovation and the knowledge base economy and their role in development of the MENA region. His work focused on education, youth, health, and poverty. His geographical area of research covers the Arab, MENA and the Mediterranean economies, with their relation to Europe.

He has written many books about Labour and Health Economics, ICT for Health, education and Socieconomic policies, migration, ..etc. He contributed to the FEMISE research with many research studies and was an active participants in almost all its conferences.

Prof. Driouchi had a genuine belief and optimism about the future of the Mediterranean region and was always enthusiastic, professional and persuasive in delivering his views.

Femise lost a valuable member and a dear friend.  Our thoughts are with his family and close ones.

You can send your condolences to They will be published on the website and sent to his family and colleagues.

The FEMISE Staff and Members