New FEMISE Study: Immigrating pushes the GDP!

photo-econostrumDRThe relaxation of restrictions on freedom of movement of workers contribute to a significant increase in global GDP. This increase was estimated by economists FEMISE to $56 billion. Liberalization of labor in the Middle East and North Africa has a real impact at the macro level. Detailed review …

Leave a poor country at war, abandoning his family to build a better future in a growing country … Since the end of World War II, immigration is a real phenomenon, revived two years ago by the Arab Spring. In recent months, the Syrians have fled their country for massively Tunisia. The young Egyptian graduates have also left their homeland, not to escape punishment, but simply because their training is not in line with the labor market. ” The macroeconomic impact of the liberalization of labor in African countries North and Middle East , “just be a study of the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes of Sciences (FEMISE) led by Roby Nathanson, coordinator of the report and director general of ” Macro Center for Political Economics ” in Israel. The report (FEM34-06) highlights the need for Europe’s aging population to find ways to maintain their standard of workmanship. It turns out that the study found a 1% increase in the number of immigrants has little impact on national populations, with a decrease of 0.1% of their salaries. The study also states that the impact of immigrants on the unemployment rate in the host countries is almost nil.

A European citizen earns between four and eight times more than a citizen of MENA countries

However, immigration has a positive effect on productivity of the host country. It is a growth factor. Countries of origin of these migrants in their turn receive remittances. Who are these potential travelers? Just after independence, there were many workers from North Africa to work in France, mainly in construction. Today, more and more young graduates from the Middle East and North Africa, want to try their luck in Europe and preferably in a francophone country to achieve integration. A European citizen earns between four and eight times more than a citizen of MENA (Middle East – North Africa)! Eldorado A gateway to the Mediterranean? Not really. Finding a job is not easy especially among workers who migrate to France, Italy and also in Finland. Migrants generally occupy jobs rejected by nationals. former colony, cultural proximity, immigrants from North Africa represent 63% of foreigners in France. The unemployment rate among immigrants is higher nationals to nationals in particular with regard to the unskilled labor. The situation is particularly delicate in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, where the unemployment rate is 3.5 points higher for nationals. Conversely, conditions of employment in Hungary, Greece, Ireland and Portugal appear to be more favorable for foreigners.

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