FEMISE, Forum Euroméditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Économiques (the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Institutes of Economic Sciences), is a Euromed network established in Marseille, France in June 2005 as an NGO (under the French Law of 1901), following 8 years of activities. The network gathers more than 100 members of economic research institutes from the North and South of the Mediterranean, representing the 37 partners of the Barcelona Process and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

FEMISE is coordinated by the Economic Research Forum (ERF), Egypt.


Inspired by the regional partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean since the
Barcelona process of 1995 and the European neighbourhood policy, the objective of the FEMISE Association, as a Euro-Mediterranean network of non-profit economic and social institutes, is to promote dialogue on economic and social policies, and deepen co-operation between the two shores of the Mediterranean for their mutual benefit.

To accomplish this main objective, the specific objectives of FEMISE are:
1. To build up and reinforce the capacity to conduct multi-disciplinary research and to make recommendations with respect to economic relations between Europe and its Mediterranean partners;
2. To reinforce dialogue between the public, private, national and multilateral institutes, a
dialogue based on the knowledge of these institutes;
3. To develop an efficient strategy for the dissemination and deployment of research results;
4. To forge and conclude partnerships with other institutes, bodies and establishments to work towards the accomplishment of the Association’s objective.

FEMISE may pursue any other objective deemed necessary in the context of the accomplishment of its mission and undertake all activities necessary for accomplishing its mission and objectives.


FEMISE carries out a large number of activities that include, but are not limited to:

√ Conducting research on issues related to the Euromed partnership, neighbourhood policy and the Union for the Mediterranean

√ Providing platforms for policy dialogues to discuss and debate among stakholders issues of relevance to the EuroMed region

√ Disseminating the results of this research through conferences, workshops, publishing research papers and newsletters

 The Association

FEMISE association is composed of the following entities:

√ A Network (including the General Assembly) that is  composed of more than 95 member institutes from North and South Mediterranean countries (List of Members);

√ A Board of Directors composed of 22 members, 10 representing the 10 Mediterranean partners, 10 representing countries of the European Union and two coordinators (Board of Directors’ list)

√ A Bureau composed of a president (ERF), a treasurer (UAM), a general manager, and a general secretary (the Bureau);

Specialized Committees to facilitate the execution and ensure the quality of FEMISE activities. These include: the Scientific Committee, the Selection Committee, the Refereeing Committee and the Ethics Committee (Members of Committees)