Bureau and Specialised Committees

I.  The Bureau is composed of:

Ibrahim Elbadawi, President, FEMISE and Managing Director, ERF

Rafael de Arce Borda,  Treasurer, FEMISE and Professor, University Autonome de Madrid

Maryse Louis, General Manager, FEMISE and Programs Manager, ERF

Passainte Atef, Policy & Economic Analyst, FEMISE & Program Assistant, ERF

Sophie Dahdouh, Programe Officer, FEMISE

Engy Azzam, Communication Officer, FEMISE


 II. Specialised Committees 

The Board of Directors has created a number of specialised Committees to support the FEMISE activities .

II.1. Scientific Committee

II.2.  Selection Committee (Research Selection Group -RSG)

II.3. Membership Committee

II.4. Ethics Committee

III. Registered Office of the Association

The registered office of the FEMISE association is at the following address:

FEMISE Association 
 2 rue Henri Barbusse
F-13 241 Marseille cedex 01
New Tel: ++ 33 9 71 53 89 15 (09 71 53 89 15)
Email: contact@femise.org
Website: www.femise.org