New Book Looks Towards the Future of Four Arab Conflict Afflicted Countries: Syria,  Libya, Yemen, and Iraq

FEMISE is pleased to announce the publication of the new book: “The Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings,towards Reconstruction, Democracy and Peace” edited by Dr. Samir Makdisiand Dr. Raimundo Soto,and published by Routledge.

In two parts comprising seven chapters, the authors envision the future of Syria, Libya,and Yemen that have been enduring civil strife, violence and instability since the uprisings broke out in 2011. They also examine the case of Iraq which continues to suffer from the  adverse consequences of the US-led invasion of 2003. The book describes the particular circumstances in each of the four countries, and analyses their shared challenges such as the need to achieve economic diversification, control inflation, job creation and implement transparent policies along with much improved governance including the control of corruption. Drawing upon the experiences of other countries in the region and beyond, the book provides a roadmap of potential actions to be taken to address these challenges.It also provides recommendations on how these countries may progress towards peaceand stability.

It is widely accepted that for a society to effectively move from conflict to peace, it needs to undertake a major transformation of its institutional framework that would ensure the non-recurrence of civil conflict. As the book argues achieving any lasting settlement in the above four countries must  involve an explicitly stated new social contract that lays the foundation for  inclusive socio-economic development and a genuinely democratic environment

Dr. Samir Makdisi is Emeritus Professor of Economics and Founding Director of the Institute of Financial Economics at the American University of Beirut.. He is the First chair of board of trustees of the Economic ResearchForum (ERF) and currently a Board of Director’s member in FEMISE. His research interests include economic development, conflict and peace-building, institutions and governance, and the political economy of the Arabworld.

Dr. Raimundo Soto is Professor of Economics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He receivedhis Ph.D. in economics from Georgetown University. His research focuses on policy and political reforms in civil-conflict affected economies, in particular the Middle East. Professor Soto is currently the Managing Editor of theMiddle East Development Journal.

For more information about how to get the book online, follow this link.