Vol 1: Inflation Targeting in MENA Countries: An Unfinished Journey-Palgrave Macmillan

Inflation TargetingIt gives us a great pleasure to announce a new FEMISE publication. This first volume entitled: “Inflation Targeting in MENA Countries: An Unfinished Journey” is edited by Mongi Boughzala and David Cobham and published by Palgrave Macmillan. The volume contains 10 papers in two parts written by top economists and specialists in the subject from the EU-Med Region and based on research that is mainly funded by the Economic Research Forum and FEMISE. For more details about the contents of the Volume or to order copies from the publisher please follow the link.

This Volume is the first in the new series of FEMISE Edited Volumes and is based on a number of papers that were presented in a Thematic Seminar organised by FEMISE entitlted: Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting and took place on the ieu le 24-25 Octobre 2008 in Tunisia. To read more about the Seminar and access the agenda, click here