Regional integration, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation

FEM31-08 | december 2007

Examining the Deep Integration Aspects of the Eu-South Mediterranean Countries: Comparing the Barcelona Process and Neighbourhood Policy

Study Femise directed by Ahmed F. Ghoneim, Center for European Studies (CEUS), Faculty of Economics & Political Science, Cairo University Cairo University, Egypt , together with University of Sussex, United Kingdom and Ministry of Trade and Industry, Egypt
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FEM31-05 | december 2007

Evaluation of the “Programme de mise à niveau” implemented by the southern Mediterranean countries

Study Femise , together with INSEA, Maroc ; CREAD, Algérie
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FEM22-27 | february 2006

An Evaluation of the Benefits and the Challenges of the South-South Integration among the Mediterranean Partners Countries

Study Femise
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FEM22-07 | november 2005

Integration and Enlargment of the European Union … Lessons for the South-South Integration

Study Femise , together with Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt ; Faculty of Law, Monofeya University, Egypt ; University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan ; University of Essex, United Kingdom ; Migration Department, ILO, Geneva ; World Bank
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FEM22-36 | november 2005

Obstacles to South-South Integration, to trade and to foreign direct investment: the MENA countries case

Study Femise , together with IFPRI ; University of Granada, F.C.C.E.E., Espagne ; University of Picardie – Jules Verne, France ; Université Caddi Ayyad, Marrakech, Maroc ; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (REAL), United-States ; University of Évry (IUT, GLT Department) and PSE, France
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FEM21-18 | september 2004

Economic Cooperation Potential Between the Mashrek Countries, Turkey and Israël

Study Femise , together with Yildiz Technical University, Turkey Isik University, Turkey
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FEM21-43 | august 2004

Espace euro-méditerranéen et coûts de la non intégration sud-sud : le cas des pays du Maghreb

Study Femise , together with Université de Toulon-Var, France Université de Bretagne Sud, France Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Tunis, Tunisie Université de Paris 2, France
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FEM01-04 | july 2001

The Arab Economic Free Trade Area and Perspectives of South-South Integration of the Mediterranean

Study Femise
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FEM01-24 | january 2001

Consequences of EU Enlargement for the Mediterranean Region

Study Femise , together with Laura Resmini, Tiziana Fabbris, Carlo Altomonte, Elisa Valeriani, Universita Luigi Bocconi, Italy, Sandro Sideri, Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands, Yusuf Mansur, Bashir Al-Zubi, Moh’d Khasawneh, Royal Scientific Society, Jordan, Mohieddine Hadhri, Mahassen Abid, Mustapha Mansouri, Centre d’Etudes Méditerranéennes et Internationales, Tunisie, Yilmaz Ozkan, Center for Mediterranean Studies, Turkey
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FEM01-26 | october 2000

From 15 to 21: The Impact of the Next EU Enlargement on Mediterranean non Member Countries

Study Femise
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