Associate Professor


Téléphone : +33607677326

E-mail : dorra.yahiaoui@kedgebs.com


Kedge Business School

Pays : France

Type d'institution : OtherBusiness School

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Firms
  • Trade International Agreements
  • EuroMed Cooperation
  • Labour Market
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Human Development
  • Mediterranean-Africa Cooperation EU-Med-Africa

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

CHEBBI H., YAHIAOUI D., VRONTIS D., THRASSOU, A (2017), “The Impact of Ambidextrous Leadership on the Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms (EMFs): the case of India”, Special Issue: Emerging Markets Firms Venturing into Advanced Economies, Thunderbird: International Business Review, Vol 59, N°3, p, 421-436.

CHEBBI H., YAHIAOUI D., THRASSOU A. (2017), “Multi-country collaborative innovation in the internationalization process, Special Issue: Collaborative Entry Modes, International Marketing Review, Vol. 34, N°1. p. 109-137.

YAHIAOUI D., CHEBBI H., WEBER Y. (2016), “HR practices, context, and knowledge transfer in M&A”, Special Issue: HRM practices in strategic partnerships in the emerging markets, The International Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol 27, N°19-20, p.2415-2435.

CHEBBI H., YAHIAOUI, D. THRASSOU, A, VRONTIS, D. (2015), “Building Multi-Unit ambidextrous organizations: A transformative framework”, Human Resource Management, Vol. 54, N°1, p.155-177.

YAHIAOUI D. (2015), “Hybridization: striking the balance between the adoption and adaptation of Human resource management practices within French MNCs and their Tunisian subsidiaries”, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 26, N°13, p.1665-1693.