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Principaux acteurs

ERF2Economic Reserach Forum (ERF): Regional Network of economists from the south of Mediterranean and Gulf Countries, co-cordinator of FEMISE

imInstitut de la Mediterranée: NGO supported by the Marseille area’s local governments, co-cordinator of the FEMISE

EuromedCommission Européenne / E.U Commission/EuropeAID

EIBBanque Européenne d’Investissement/ European Investment Bank/ Femip:  Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP)

Réseaux Euromed et programmes sur la Méditerranée

ocemoOCEMO, Office de Coopération Economique pour la Méditerranée et l’Orient, cluster of euromediterranean networks, aiming at representing the civil society and supporting actions that foster the economic developement and the integration of the region.

cmi2CMI, multi-partners Platform administered by the World Bank along with the European Investment Bank, Egypt, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, AFD, …, that aims to enhance the convergence of sustainable development policies by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and joint learning.

ersaERSA, The European Regional Science Association: supranational grouping of national regional science associations across Europe, that gathers  3500 members , academics, policy professionals and researchers interested in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development and related issues.

econostrum2Econostrum, online media focusing on the euromediterranean economic news, written by professional journalists. It provides a daily newsletter that combines also contributions form experts.

IHEDNEUROMED IHEDN, association that aims to contribute to fostering peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean region, by informing citizen on the stakes and challenges of the region. It provides through three main activities, namely networking, a programme of  monthly conferences programme and various seminars.

medproMedpro, Prospect programme on the Euro-mediterranean region covering 7 main areas: Geopolitics and governance, Demography, Management of environment and natural resources, Energy and climate change mitigation, Economic integration, Financial services and capital markets, and Human capital, social protection, inequality and migration.

anima2Anima, multi-country platform supporting the economic development of the Mediterranean. The objective of ANIMA is to contribute to a better investment and business climate and to the growth of capital flows into the Mediterranean region.

babelmedBabelMed, The mediterranean cultures site is an online magazine gathering a multicultural network of journalists from the whole Mediterranean and reporting about contemporary and dynamic cultural productions in the region.

planbleuPlan Bleu, Regional Activity Centre of the Mediterranean Action Plan (under the auspices of the United Nations conference on the Environment) focusing on environment and development in the Mediterranean.

lejmedLeJmed, online newspaper providing useful information on local, economic and cultural news in the Mediterranean.

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