Nazier Hanan

associate professor of economics at the faculty of economics and political sciences. Cairo university


Téléphone : +2 01222884054

E-mail :


Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University

Pays : Egypt

Type d'institution : University

Institution FEMISE : no

Thèmes de recherche

  • Firms
  • Trade International Agreements
  • Education
  • Labour Market
  • International Trade (tariff and non-tariff policy agreements value chains)
  • Regional Integration
  • Women Participation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Human Development
  • Gender

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

• “Environmental Impacts of Trade Liberalization: The Case of Egypt,” Co-authored with Mona Essam-Journal of Development and Economic Policies, Arab Planning Institute, Vol 14, issue 2, 2012, July, Kuwait.
• “Empirical Investigation of Twin Deficits Hypothesis in Egypt (1992-2010)”, Co-authored with Mona Essam-, Middle Eastern Finance and Economics Journal, Issue 17, 2012, Eurojournals.
• “Higher Education Externalities in Egyptian Labor Markets,” Advances in Management and Applied Economics, Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2013, Sciencepress Ltd.
• “Trade Liberalization and Labor Demand Elasticities: Empirical Evidence for Egypt”, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 111, 2013, July.
• “Governance/ Institutional Quality and Growth Nexus in Arab Countries,” Co-authored with Asmaa Ezzat- European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, Issue 61, 2013.
• “Informality and Poverty: A Causality Dilemma with Application to Egypt”. Co-authored with Racha Ramadan - Advances in Management & Applied Economics, vol. 5, no.4, 2015, 31-60 ISSN: 1792-7544 (print version), 1792-7552(online)

• “The conditional gender wage gap in Egypt: premium or penalty?” Topics in Middle Eastern and African Economies Vol. 19, Issue No. 2, 2017, September.
• “Ever Married Women’s Participation in Labor Market in Egypt: Constraints and Opportunities”. Co-authored with Racha Ramadan- Middle East Development Journal- Forthcoming