Menezes Mozart

Menezes Mozart



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Kedge Business School

Pays : France

Type d'institution : OtherGrande Ecole

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Firms
  • Industrial Policy
  • Infrastructures
  • Other (please specify)

Supply Chain Complexity

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

• “Constructing a Watts-Strogatz network from a small-world network with symmetric degree distribution,” with Seokjin Kim and Rongbing Huang. PLoS ONE, June 12, 2017.
• “Coordinated lab-clinics: A tactical assignment problem in healthcare”, with Farzad Zaerpour and Diane Bischak. European Journal of Operational Research 263 (2017) 283–294.
• “Directed Assignment vs. Customer Choice in Location Inventory Models,” co-authored with O. Berman and D. Krass. International Journal of Production Economics 179 (2016) 179–191.
• “A Rough-cut Approach for Evaluating Location-Routing Decisions via Approximation Algorithms,” with Vedat Verter and Diego Ruiz. Transportation Research-Part B Volume 87, May 2016, Pages 89–106.
• “Democratic Elections and Centralized Decisions: Condorcet and Approval Voting Compared with Median and Coverage Locations,” with Zvi Drezner and Giovani da Silveira. European Journal of Operational Research 253 (2016) 195–203.
• “The Component Commonality Problem in a Real Multidimensional Space: An Algorithmic Approach,” with Diego Ruiz-Hernández and Renato Guimarães. European Journal of Operational Research 249 (2016) 105–116.
• “General Asymptotic and Submodular Results for the Median Problem with Unreliable Facilities”, with Serigne Gueye. Operations Research Letters. 43 (5), September 2015, 519-521.