Herman Lior

Asst. Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalemb


Téléphone : +972528799797

E-mail : lior.herman@mail.huji.ac.il


Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Pays : Israel

Type d'institution : University

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Trade International Agreements
  • EuroMed Cooperation
  • Governance and Institutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructures
  • International Trade (tariff and non-tariff policy agreements value chains)
  • Regional Integration
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Services
  • Euro-Med Cooperation
  • Climate Energy Ressources Biodiversity

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

Fischhendler, Itay, Herman, Lior, Maoz, Nir (2017). The Political Economy of Energy Sanctions: Insights from a Global Outlook 1938-2017. Energy Research & Social Science (34), pp. 62-71.

Fischhendler, Itay, Herman, Lior., and Anderman, Jaya (2016). The Geopolitics of Cross-Border Electricity Grids: the Israeli-Arab Case Energy Policy. Energy Policy (98), pp. 533-543.

Broude, Tomer and Herman, Lior (2014). Domestic Regulation of Retail Food Distribution Services in Israel: The Missing Link between Food Prices and Social Protest, in Lim, Aik Hoe, and De Meester, Bart (eds.). WTO, Domestic Regulation and Services Trade: Putting Principles into Practice, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 289-306