Erdil Erkan

Erdil Erkan



Téléphone : +903122103082

E-mail :


Middle East Technical University, Science and technology Policy research Center, METU-TEKPOL

Pays : Turkey

Type d'institution : Center of Research

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Firms
  • Education
  • Labour Market
  • Regional Development
  • Industrial Policy
  • Regional Integration
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Entreprises
  • Innovation

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

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RIO Country Reports 2015: Turkey, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2017 (with M.T. Pamukçu and G. G. Çiftçi). ISBN 978-92-79-57806-9

"Industry 4.0 and Turkish National Innovation System: Challenges and Prospects", International Scientific Journal Industry 4.0, 2017, 2, 197-200.

"Cohesion and Competition of Europe: Innovation Policy from the Perspective of Networks and Entropy", Foresight and STI Governance, 2016, 10, 7-24 (with U.Y. Çetinkaya)

"Future-Oriented Positioning of Knowledge Intensive Local Networks in Global Value Chains: The Case of Turkey" in Deploying Foresight for Policy and Strategy Makers, (eds.) Leonid Gokhberg, Dirk Meissner, Alexander Sokolov, 2016, 245-64, Springer International Publishing (with H. Tolga Göksidan)

"Analysing R&D Activities of Foreign Enterprises in Emerging Economies: Lessons from Turkey" in World Scientific Reference on Globalisation in Eurasia and the Pacific Rim, (eds.) David A Dyker, Volume 1: Foreign Investment, 2016, 185-232, World Scientific Publishing (with M. Teoman Pamukçu)

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