Almashaqbeh Othman

Almashaqbeh Othman

Assistant Researcher/PhD Water & Environment Engineering / UTS Australia


Téléphone : 0062 6 5344701 Ext 2429
0062 77 9537058

E-mail :


Royal Scientific Society / Water and Environment Center

Pays : Jordan

Type d'institution : NGO

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Euro-Med Cooperation
  • Climate Energy Ressources Biodiversity
  • Other (please specify)


Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

Ghrair,A., Al-Mashaqbeh, O., Sarireh, M., AlKose, N., Farfoura, M. (2016). Influence of Greywater on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Mortar and Concrete Mixes (In Press, Ain Shams Engineering Journal).
• Ghrair, A. , Al-Mashaqbeh, O. (2016) Domestic Wastewater Reuse in Concrete Using Bench-Scale Testing and Full-Scale Implementation. Water 2016, 8(9), 366;
• Al-Mashaqbeh, O., Al-Safdi, D., (2016). Reduction of Phenols in Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Using Natural Zeolite Tuff. Extended abstract presented in FP4BATIW workshop, Sousse-Tunisia, March 2016.
• Al-Mashaqbeh, O., and McLaughlan, R.G. (2016) Zinc sorption onto different particle sizes of compost from aqueous solution. Desalination and Water Treatment Journal Volume 57, Issue 29, 2016 DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2015.1059373.
• Al-Mashaqbeh, O., Shorman, M. (2015). Assessment of Stormwater Runoff Entering King Talal Dam. Paper presented in NMC-COMSATS-ISESCO International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Abuja, Nigeria 28-30 December 2015.
• Al-Mashaqbeh, O., Jiries A. and El- HajAli Z. (2015). Characterization of stormwater runoff generated from urban areas in Amman City /Jordan. Paper presented in 7th Conference on Scientific Research in Jordan, Amman 14th November 2015.
• McLaughlan, R.G., Hossain G. and Al-Mashaqbeh, O. (2015) Zinc sorption by permanganate treated pine chips. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 1539–1545.