Vera Danilina

Dr. Vera Danilina is a Research and Teaching Assistant at Faculté d’Economie et Gestion, Aix-Marseille Université. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from the Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE). Dr. Danilina has been conducting her research in France, Russia, the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands. She also has a vast experience in teaching a range of disciplines in Economics in France and Russia.

Dr. Danilina’s principal research areas are Environmental and International Economics. She is particularly interested in applied microeconomic approach based on consumers and producers environmental behavioural patterns. Her research is focused on the environmental policy design conditionally on the particular characteristics of economic development of countries and regions. She pays special attention to the voluntary approaches to environmental policy arguing for their high potential in mitigating ecological threats. Her recent work is closely related to the environmental issues of the Mediterranean region development.