Appel à Communications: Research in International Business and Finance: La finance reconsidérée: DL: 1er Juin 2015

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Edition Spéciale: La Finance Reconsidérée

Editeurs: Bernard Paranque (guest editor), Thomas Lagoarde-Segot

Date limite pour envoyer les contributions: 1er Juin, 2015

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The ongoing economic, social and environmental crisis has revealed the need to redefine the finance function. Given its micro-normative intent, academic finance bears significant responsibility in this process. In particular, the inclusion of sustainability issues in financial practices requires the explicit incorporation of ethics and values into financial theory. Such a change, however, appears incompatible with the current epistemological structure of academic discourse in finance, which is heavily influenced by logical positivism. This paradox hinders the successful elaboration of the new tools and concepts expected by the multiple stakeholders of academic finance (including the industry, governments, and students). However, many private actors have begun to incorporate environmental and social values into financial practices. This could serve as a stepping stone for the rethinking of academic finance. This special issue will analyze these new practices, discuss the epistemological obstacles to paradigmatic diversification in finance, and attempt to carve out innovative paths for financial research in the 21st century.

Possible themes that relate to this question include:

  • Financialization and the global crisis
  • Finance as a social science
  • Finance, economic coordination and social welfare
  • Performativity and pedagogy in finance
  • Alternative finance and sustainability
  • Mathematisation, empiricism, positivism, facts and values in finance
  • Paradigmatic diversification in academic finance
  • The place and contribution of social ontology
  • Common pool resources management and its financing

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The submission deadline is June 1st, 2015.

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