FEMISE 2015 Compétition interne 2015 : Premier tour- Clôturer


FEMISE 2015 Compétition interne 2015 : Premier tour


(Annonce en Anglais, programme scientifique disponible dans les 2 langues: Anglais et Français)


FEMISE is pleased to announce the launch of its 2015 Internal Competition for the network members who participated as Affiliates in the EU-FEMISE contract onSupport to dialogues, political and economic research and studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership”.

This first round of the internal competition, within this contract, is part of a large scientific program that covers the following themes:

  1. Transition of the South Med countries
  2. Economic Modernization of the South Med countries
  3. EU-Med convergence and integration

For this first round, interested Affiliates are invited to submit their research proposals under the first theme ONLY of this program on: I. Transition of the South Med countries before the 10th of July 2015.

Under this theme, proposals could address one of the following four topics:

  1. Economic Transition
  2. Political and Institutional Transition
  3. Social Transition
  4. The Role of the EU-Med in the Transition

Read more about this theme, topics and suggested orientations (Cliquez-ici pour acceder au programme en Francais).


  • Deadline for submissions of proposals: 10 July, 2015
    Evaluation of proposals: 15th of August 2015
  • Selection and Notification of acceptance: End of Aug/ early September, 2015
    Submissions of first drafts and presentation at FEMISE conference: February, 2016
  • Submission of final drafts: May/June 2016


The research proposal should include a summary of ½ a page in addition to the following components (not to exceed 5 pages):

  1. Statement of research stating the problem addressed, brief review of the literature and the knowledge gap that the paper will fulfil.
  2. Conceptual Framework of the research analysis and how challenges are addressed
  3. Research Methodology stating the research question, the hypothesis to be tested, and the methodology that will be employed (e.g case studies, empirical evidence, etc.) and explain the rationale for using the selected methodology.
  4. Policy implications, how will the expected outputs of the paper could contribute to the policy making.
  5. Expected output: number and topics of expected research reports, time frame, dissemination plan and division of labour in the consortium

Supporting documents: (1) Application form 2015 (download here) and (2) CVs of members of the research consortium (standard forms available if needed).

The dossier of the research proposal of the consortium can be sent to FEMISE bureau by email, fax or courier before the 10th of July 2015 to the following two email addresses:

m.louis@femise.org; c.tsakas@femise.org.


1) Only Affiliates members’ to the FEMISE-EU Contract on “Support to dialogues, political and economic research and studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership » can be funded in this call (Please click here to download the list of those Affiliates).

2) All proposals have to be submitted in Consortiums as follows:at least one Affiliate member from the North AND one Affiliate member from the South

Each consortium should have one Team Leader who will send the proposal on behalf of the consortium and will be responsible for the project (including signing the contract and distribution of funds); he/she will be the contact person for all correspondence with FEMISE. Proposals submitted with ONE member only will not be considered.

3) No restrictions on the number of proposals submitted per Affiliate


The total overall budget allocated to this first round for all the selected proposals altogether will be approximately €80,000.

Each submitted proposal will include a requested budget in the application form that corresponds to the number of research papers (40-50 pages max) that will be produced and their quality.

The amount requested will cover the honorarium of the researchers and will be part of the evaluation and the Selection committee reserves the right to modify the requested amount.


Following the initial screening for eligibility, proposals will go through the following evaluation process:

Evaluation: The FEMISE Scientific Committee will perform the technical evaluation of the proposals (3 referees per proposals), addressing the following criteria:

  1. Scientific quality of the proposal, in terms of:
  • Relevance of the topic to the economic policy issues of the Euro-Med Partnership
  • Value added of the proposed topic to the existing knowledge
  • The quality of the methodology and its ability to address the issue efficiently
  • Integration of the ‘policy oriented’ dimension and its relevance to South Med policy framework.
  1. Other evaluation criteria
  • Degree of cooperation between teams (North and South)
  • Geographic coverage (number of countries covered, coverage of countries poorly studied (e.g. Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon), comparative approach are strongly encouraged.
  • Overall Experience of the team of researchers.
  • Gender issues (balance among researchers, gender dimension);
  • The Dissemination plan included in the proposal

Based on this technical evaluation, a selection process will take place for the proposals that will receive funding, while taking into account issues of geographical coverage, gender issues and priorities to the region.

The decision of the selection committee will be one of the following:

  • The proposal is accepted;
  • The proposal is accepted with a modification in the requested budget and/or time frame;
  • The proposal is accepted with suggested modifications (coverage, scope, etc.)
  • The proposal is rejected.

Team leader of all proposals will be informed of the decision of the selection committee. The reports of evaluation received by the referees will be sent to all teams. For the accepted proposals, the bureau will send the necessary contractual documents, general conditions and forms (including details of the budget requested).


The output of the research should be made in terms of at least one research report, more than one research reports is strongly encouraged, with an average of 40-50 pages (excluding annexes), ensuring a good focused analysis and increasing publications’ potentials in scientific journals, articles and policy briefs.

Expected outputs and peer reviewing:

(1) Drafts of the submitted research reports will go through an ex-post evaluation process (‘Peer Review’).

(2) Dissemination plans (other than the channels provided by FEMISE) are very much encouraged but needs to be discussed with FEMISE to ensure proper acknowledgements are made to the support of FEMISE and the European commission.


Merci d’envoyer vos poropsitions ou toutes questions aux emails suivants:
Maryse Louis (m.louis@femise.org) ou Constantin Tsakas (c.tsakas@femise.org)