Malkawi Hanan

- Vice President for Science Engagement at Royal Scientific Society-JORDAN - Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at Yarmouk University-JORDAN - Former Vice President for Research & International Relations at Yarmouk University. - Former Dean of Research & Graduate studies at Hamdan Bin Mohamed Smart University, Dubai-UAE


Téléphone : Mobile: +962 797476644

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Royal Scientific Society

Pays : Jordan

Type d'institution : NGO

Institution FEMISE : yes

Thèmes de recherche

  • Education
  • EuroMed Cooperation
  • Regional Development
  • Women Participation
  • Innovation
  • Gender
  • Euro-Med Cooperation
  • Climate Energy Ressources Biodiversity

Participation in FEMISE-funded research: %s

Publications récentes

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2. Munir J. M. Rusan, Hanan I. Malkawi. 2016. Dilution of olive mill wastewater eliminates its phytotoxicity and enhances plant growth and soil fertility. Desalination and Water Treatment. 1-9
3. Munir J. M. Rusan, Ammar A. Albalasmeh, Hanan I. Malkawi. 2016. Treated Olive Mill Wastewater Effects on Soil Properties and Plant Growth. Water Air & Soil Pollution. 227 (5):1-10
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5. Christoph Gertler, Rafael Bargiela, Francesca Mapelli, Xifang Han, Jianwei Chen, Tran Hai, Ranya A. Amer, Mouna Mahjoubi, Hanan Malkawi, Mirko Magagnini, Ameur Cherif, Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah, Nicolas Kalogerakis, Daniele Daffonchio, Manuel Ferrer and Peter N. Golyshin. 2015. Conversion of uric acid into ammonium in oil-degrading marine microbial communities: a possible role of halomonads. Microbial Ecology 69 (4).
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