Hajar Khamlichi

Hajar KHAMLICHI is an Environment and Sustainable Development Expert. She holds two masters degrees in Environmental Sciences, Water Engineering, and sustainable development. She has +11 years of experience as industrial wastewater and environmental manager at the utilities company in Tangier city in Morocco where she achieved the first record for a city in Morocco of 27 industrial wastewater treatment plants installed within polluting units.

On the other hand, Hajar has a vital role in civil society development. She is the President and co-founder of the Mediterranean Youth Climate Network ‘MYCN’ which featured as one of the 10th success stories of this last ten years in the region by the Union for the Mediterranean. The network presents 22 Mediterranean countries and consists of NGOs and Youth Movements who work in climate action and sustainable development. The network aims to push the government toward concrete and ambitious decisions, as well as to help to raise awareness and build synergies between communities to make climate change a social, economic, and political priority.

Hajar is Also a board member of the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development, and the Observatory of the Protection of the Environment and the Historical Monuments which is an organization gathering diverse representatives of civil society components. Furthermore, she has recently joined the Communication and Education Commission of the International Union for Nature Conservation (CEC IUCN) and designated as a jury member for the regional IUCN membership award for 2018. Besides, she is the Moroccan National Coordinator for the International Climate Network for Africa “Team54 project International” present in 169 nations, an organization that identifies unique and innovative ways to advocate for SDG13 and to take climate action, towards building climate resilience in the community. “Team 54 project” has been recognized officially by the President of the UN General Assembly.

In addition to Hajar’s work, she   has a long experience in raising awareness among decision-makers . She has participated to the edition of the annual report on the state of the environment and the historical monuments of the city of Tangier and suburbs since 2014 to present the public opinion of journalists, civil society, authorities, and elected officials in addition to the tendency statements. Moreover, sh’s working on Sustainable Industrial parks planning and evaluation as part of her Ph.D. studies to create a tool for policymakers to decide on the sustainability of projects.

In parallel, Hajar has extensive experience in communication: she has participated as a speaker in more than 64 events and +30 conferences and seminars in water, climate, circular economy, and sustainable development at the regional and international level. All of these achievements have published in National and regional media agencies like Medi1 TV, 2M , the Italian channel SiciliaUno, Al Oula and other channels.

Eventually, as a young woman, Hajar is already at the forefront of climate action and the concretization of the SDGs. She is likewise many committed young people want to become an even stronger vehicle for societal change, as citizens pushing for the creation of a zero-carbon, inclusive, and just society.