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The FEMISE newsletter “Inside FEMISE” is an  e-bulletin that is produced three-times a year. It aims to connect with the wider possible contacts of researchers and policy makes with updates on the most recent research outputs and policy recommendations undertaken by the FEMISE network on issues of importance to the the Euromed region. It also includes news and information about the recent activities of the association and its members, as well as articles and summaries of the most recent research produced and conferences organized by FEMISE. The e-newsletter is made simple, in a non-technical and concise manner as a mean to inform experts, policy makers and the general public.

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Inside FEMISE issue No. 15

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Inside FEMISE issue no. 4

  • Focus: “MP and the crisis: from the loss of growth to the convergence” By Prof. Jean-Louis Reiffers, President of the Scientific Committee of FEMISE and the Institut de la Mediterranee.

Inside FEMISE issue no. 3

Inside FEMISE issue no. 2

Inside FEMISE issue no. 1