Network Members

List of Members

(last updated in Jan 2017) The network of FEMISE is composed of 99 members’ institutes representing the 37 partners of the Barcelona Process, which have the main objective of performing research on economic, social and political economy issues. To become a member There are three types of memberships:

  1. Founding members: Institutes that have participated in the creation of the association in 2005 and their names appear in its charter. The Economic Research Forum and the Institut de la Méditerranée are considered Founding members by right. There are 52 founding members in the association.
  2. Active member: Institutes that joined and are joining the network after its establishment and whose activities and areas of interest are related to those of FEMISE. The network is open for new members. Acceptance of new members is the decision of the Steering Committee. Active Members are committed to the advancement of FEMISE objectives and shall be entitled to full participation in Forum activities.
  3. Observers: Institutes that joined and are joining the network after its establishment and whose activities and areas of interest are related to those of FEMISE, but that do not have membership rights, including voting rights. Acceptance of new observers is the decision of the Steering Committee.

Network members are entitled to participate in the activities of the network and are committed to the development and progressing of its objectives.

Mediterranean Partners Countries
CountryMember InstitutesStatusContact Name
AlgeriaCREADFounding MemberYassine Ferfera
Faculte des Sciences Economiques et des Sciences de Gestion, Universite Badji-Mokhtar, AnnabaActive MemberNadji Khaoua
Faculté des sciences économiques, des sciences de Gestion et des sciences commerciales, Université d’Oran, Oran*Active MemberNajat Zatla
EgyptEconomic Research Forum**Founding MemberIbrahim Elbadawi
MSA University – Le CaireFounding MemberDoaa Salman
Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences of Cairo UniversityActive MemberHala El Said
Economic Department of the American University, Cairo, Egypt*Active MemberMona Said
Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES)Active MemberMalak Reda
IsraelInterdisciplinary Center for Technological Analysis and ForecastingFounding MemberTal Soffer
Leonard Davis Institute of International Relations, The Hebrew University*Founding MemberAlfred Tovias
Tel-Hai Academic CollegeFounding MemberYehudith Kahn
The Macro Center for Political Economics (former IIESR)Founding MemberRoby Nathanson
JordanRoyal Scientific Society*Founding MemberAbeer Arafat
Jordan Center for Public Policy Research & DialogueActive MemberTaher Kanaan
JordanCenter for Social ResearchActive MemberDima Karadsheh
Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of JordanActive MemberMusa Shteiwi
LebanonInstitute of Financial Economics, AUB*Founding MemberSamir Makdisi
Univ. St Joseph, LibanFounding MemberChochig Kasparian
MoroccoAl Akhawayn University, IfraneFounding MemberAhmed Driouchi
IMRIFounding MemberJawad Kerdoudi
Faculté des sciences juridiques, économiques et Sociales, Université Mohamed V*Founding MemberLahcen Oulhaj
INSEAFounding MemberMohamed Tahraoui
Centre de Recherches MéditerranéennesActive MemberAnissa Benzakour Chami
Faculté de droit et d’économie Cadi AyyadActive MemberKchirid El Mustapha
LasaareActive MemberFouzi Mourji
Palestinian AuthorityAl Quds University of Jerusalem*Founding MemberMahmoud Eljafari
Birzeit UniversityFounding MemberNidal Sabri
Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)Active MemberNabeel Kassis
SyriaAcademic Unit for Scientific Research (AUSR)Inactive Founding MemberNuhad Abdallah
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)Inactive MemberAden Aw-Hassan
TunisiaInstitut Arabe des Chefs d’entreprises (IACE)Founding MemberMajdi Hassen
Ecole Supérieure de Commerce De SfaxFounding MemberKarim Chaabouni
Université de Tunis El Manar*Active MemberMongi Boughzala
Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques et Politique de SousseActive MemberSaloua Benammou
Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Nabeul, Université de CarthageActive MemberRached Bouaziz
Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales de Tunis, Univeriste de Tunis (ESSECT)Active MemberSofiane Ghali
Institut de la Mediterranee of TunisActive MemberSami Mouley
TurkeyBilkent University, Center for International Economics*Founding MemberSubidey Togan
Center for Mediterranean Studies,Founding MemberYilmaz Özkan
Département d’économie de l’Université GalatasarayActive MemberBurak Gurbuz
METU Science and Technology Policies Research Center (TEKPOL) – Middle East Technical UniversityActive MemberTeoman Pamukçu
Centre for Economic Research on Mediterranean Countries, Economic Department at the Akdeniz UniversityActive MemberAhmet Bayaner
Department of Economics, Mersin UniversityActive MemberSuleyman Degirmen
Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)Active MemberSibel Guven
Economic and Social Research CenterIstanbul Technical UniversityActive MemberSaime Kayman
European Union Countries
CountryMember InstituteStatusContact Name
BelgiumEcomod NetworkFounding MemberAli Bayar
ULB-CEB*Founding MemberKhalid Sekkat
CEPSActive MemberRym Ayadi
Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales, Universite Catholique de LouvainActive MemberFrédéric Docquier
CroatiaInstitute of Economics, ZagrebActive MemberDubravka JURLINA ALIBEGOVIC
DenmarkRoskilde University*Founding Member
FinlandUniversity of Tampere, TAPRI*Founding MemberTuomo Melasuo
FranceInstitut de la Méditerranée**Founding MemberPatricia Augier
Agropolis – CIHEAM-IAM.MFounding MemberHélène Ilbert
Aix-Marseille University (GREQAM)Founding MemberMarion Dovis
CEPN – CNRS UMR7115, Université de Paris 13Founding MemberEl Mouhoub Mouhoud
CERDI Clermont FerrandFounding MemberPatrick Plane
LEAD, Université de Toulon-Var*Active MemberNicolas Peridy
Université de Paris 12Founding MemberFabienne Boudier
Faculté des Sciences Economiques, Université de Montpellier 1Founding MemberChristain Lagarde
 CEMAFI (closed on 12/2011) Founding Member Claude Berthomieu
CARE, université de RouenActive MemberMarc Lautier
CATT, Université de PauActive MemberJamal Bouoiyour
KEDGE Business SchoolActive MemberBernard Paranque
Centre de Recherche en Economie et Management, UMR CNRSActive MemberClaire El Moudden
GermanyGIGA Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) (Former Deutsches Orient-Institut)Founding MemberMiquel Pellicer
DIW Berlin, German Institute for economic research*Founding MemberAlfred Steinherr
Université de Hambourg – IWKFounding MemberBernd Lucke
Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE)Active MemberAnja Zorob
GreeceInweb-GreceFounding MemberJacques Ganoulis
HungaryInstitute of World Economics, Hungarian Academy of sciencesActive MemberTamas Szigetvari
ItalyCespiFounding MemberMarco Zupi
CNR-ISSMFounding MemberEugenia Ferragina
iMedFounding MemberAndrea Amato
Université de Modène et Region EmilieFounding MemberSergio Alessandrini
CENSISObserverCarla Collicelli
IPALMOActive MemberCristina Gaggio
Université de BologneActive MemberAlessia Franchini
Centre for Research in Labour Economics and Economic Policy, University of Salerno*Active MemberAnna Ferragina
MaltaCompetitive Malta*Founding MemberJohn Grech
Institute for European Studies, University of MaltaActive MemberSusanna Thede
Poland  Department of Economics, Université de Varsovie*Founding MemberJan Michalek
CASE-Center for Social & Economic ResearchActive MemberKatarzyna Sidło
Romania Universitatea Babes-Bolyai Cluj-NapocaFounding MemberNicolae Bocsan
The Bucharest Academy of Economic StudiesActive MemberCristina Boboc
SpainUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid*Founding MemberAlejandro Lorca Corrons
IEI, Universidat de ValenciaFounding MemberMaria J. Gomez
Faculté des Sciences Economiques de GrenadeActive MemberJuliette Milgram Baleix
Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus (IUEE)Active MemberJordi Bacaria
IEMed, Institut Europeu de la MediterràniaActive MemberRoger Albinyana
The Institute of International Economics (IEI, Univiersity of Jaume 1)Membre ActifTeresa Alguacil Mari
SwedenLund UniversityActive MemberDalia Abdelhady
The NetherlandsUnesco IHE, Institute for Water EducationFounding MemberMeine Peter van Dijk
United KingdomSussex University*Founding MemberMichael Gasiorek
University of Southampton, Economic Division of the School of Social SciencesActive MemberJacqueline Wahba
European Institute, London School of EconomicsActive MemberVassilis Monastiriotis
London Middle East Institute (LMEI), School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS)Active MemberHassan Hakimian

* Member in the Board of Directors of 2014 ** Member in the Board of Directors by Right